The Top Five Kristy Swanson Movie Roles of Her Career

The Top Five Kristy Swanson Movie Roles of Her Career

The Top Five Kristy Swanson Movie Roles of Her Career

It’s hard to believe how long Kristy Swanson’s been in the industry since she still looks pretty good and doesn’t show her age as much as you might think.  She’s been a popular actress for a number of years either because she’s that good or because it’s desired that a film has a bit of nostalgia attached to it. Seriously, look at some of the films she’s been in and her character doesn’t seem to have much of a part in them, she’s there because she’s someone that you recognize and happen to like. That’s not to say anything about her acting ability. She’s not among the top in the industry but she’s extremely reliable when you need someone in the film that’s been around, knows what they’re doing, and can deliver the performance that you want.  In short she’s the stability that you can put into a film that will calm everyone else down. Sometimes she’s played the protagonist and others she’s played the villain, but more or less her parts usually end up being a pleasant mix of the two, meaning a person that isn’t evil but isn’t a saint either.

She’s the stable kind of actor, which is more valuable than people might think.

5. The Chase-Natalie Voss

In this film she’s the bratty, entitled brat daughter of wealthy industrialist that’s grown tired of her life and wants a way out. But being held hostage isn’t exactly the kind of escape she envisioned, even if the kidnapping is being done with a candy bar. Eventually she sympathizes with her captor and the two even fall in love shortly before they make their escape and flee to Mexico. Only in the movies…

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Buffy

Buffy doesn’t believe in vampires, which is too bad since she’s been chosen to stop their numbers from spreading and to take down one of their biggest, baddest bosses. She’d rather be a normal high school girl that’s looking forward to the upcoming dance and experiencing the typical life that comes after, but that never happens since she’s thrust into a war between humans vampires that only she can fight.

3. Big Daddy-Vanessa

Vanessa isn’t really the bad person since she wants more out of life than Sonny is willing to strive for at that moment. He would rather just have fun and lay around all day rather than grow up and start taking on a few adult responsibilities, which drives Vanessa nuts. Of course it also drives her into the arms of a much older man, which vexes Sonny to no end.

2. Dude, Where’s My Car?-Christie Boner

What an unfortunate name to get stuck with. Ah well. Christie is a bit character in this ridiculous story but she does show up more than once, and it’s as the typical blonde bombshell that loves to flirt and toss her hair around. At least near the end she makes an upgrade in boyfriends, if you squint your eyes really hard and look at the guy from a different perspective.

1. Higher Learning-Kristen Connor

Naive is the best word that you can ascribe to Kristen. She knows how she wants the world to work but the truth is that things don’t really work the way we want them to all the time. After being raped by a fraternity brother her world is shattered as she has to then pick up the pieces in an environment that has suddenly become all too dangerous and much less appealing.

Kristy Swanson’s still got it.

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