The Five Best Action TV Shows of the 90s

The Five Best Action TV Shows of the 90s

Back in the 90s, action shows were a dime a dozen and you could wade through them on the TV without skipping a beat if you timed it just right. A lot of them didn’t last long, some of them were animated and went into reruns very quickly and others, well, they were remembered for several reasons and even picked up by fans as all-time favorites. Those TV shows that are still remembered and in some cases still demanded are those that managed to attain a fan base that was both loyal and in some cases a little nutty considering that some people still want to see these series come back with the original actors. First, that’s not going to happen with most if not all of them, and second, it’s fair to say that if it did happen the fans wouldn’t be too happy since the magic that was evident with the show way back when wouldn’t be the same now and some of those actors just aren’t in the same shape they used to be, if they’re still with us. Yes, some of the cast members have passed on, so it would be kind of impossible to see them again.

But just so you can remember how great some of the shows were back then, take a look at these clips.

5. Highlander: The Series

The Highlander movies did get kind of cheesy after a while, namely after the first one. But the series was off to a good start until it too started to suffer from the same old ideas that kept cropping up now and again. In fact the only real problem with a show like this is that it seems to run out of gas after the first big, epic showdown. Duncan never really received the same kind of love as Connor did largely because he was seen as somewhat weaker and less skilled. After all it was Connor that showed him how to fight and taught him everything he knew. Eventually it would be seen that Duncan would overtake Connor in one of the Highlander movies, but more to the point because Connor had grown old and could no longer fight as well as he used to. The series was going along just fine for a while, but again, running out of ideas and going back to the well for the same thing kind of killed it.

4. Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena was a spinoff of the Hercules series as she’d been recurring character that started out as an antagonist but was seeking redemption by helping people that couldn’t help themselves. She was perhaps one of the most awesome women on TV during her time and gained one massive reputation for being the kind of warrior that women, and men, really wanted to see on screen. But if anything toppled Xena it was that, like everything else, her show managed to get stale thanks to the idea that there was hardly ever any variety or chance to see things get mixed up to where Xena could no longer come up with a feasible plot that people wanted to see. More fans were in love with the idea of Xena, and they still are, than they were with the show.

3. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Come on, as a kid a lot of us sat down to watch this show even if it was kind of cheesy after a while. For some of us it was all that was on and for others it was highly enjoyable. There are even those among us that were probably flabbergasted to realize just how far the Power Rangers had gone after we walked away from the show. Honestly, how many of us can remember the core group before it got expanded into the many different groups that came later? Even the movie, which tried to revive the core group and create something special, was loved by a lot of fans simply because it was the Power Rangers and little else. And if you watched the movie you might have noticed that they snuck in a couple of the former cast members for cameos.

2. Walker Texas Ranger

Because the eyes of the ranger are upon you, that was more or less the opening line of the show and what you could count on in a lot of living rooms in the evening during the run of the show. The biggest problem with the show was also it’s biggest draw: Walker would win constantly. There were only a few enemies that ever really gave Walker any problems and usually it came down to the famed ranger being outnumbered and outmatched, which was hard to imagine in the latter case. Walker was a great, feelgood show for the most part that satisfied a lot of people that wanted that fairly Western feel but could deal with the new school look of the show.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Given the cult status of the movie people absolutely lost their minds when it came to Buffy getting her own show. The idea of not casting Kristy Swanson was something a lot of people had to deal with since Swanson was primarily a movie star and couldn’t be afforded for the show. But Gellar was the type of actress looking to make a name for herself and she got the chance by becoming the world’s most notorious slayer. Even now people would love for this show to come back, but given how long it’s been gone and how its spinoff show did that’s not a big possibility.

The 90s were a time of action, but sadly action is sometimes short-lived and has to move on.

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