Five Awesome Prison Escape Scenes in Movies

Five Awesome Prison Escape Scenes in Movies

Prison breaks are never anything you want to see or hear about in real life because in the real world the criminals are usually in jail for a very good reason. Whether or not they’re being abused or somehow mishandled on the inside is a lot of conjecture that the average citizen doesn’t really know about. But in movies the prison breaks are usually  made by those that are simply smarter than the people guarding them or are somehow innocent of the charges and were locked away out of convenience rather than to serve justice. The point is that in movies, jail breaks are just awesome to watch and almost too ingenious to believe.

With the types of plans that come up in movies it’s not much wonder that prisons are built like fortresses now. In some ways they’re more secure than any private home ever could be.

5. Escape from Alcatraz

This is centered around the true story of Frank Morris, a man that did in fact exist in the 1960’s and was rumored to have escaped one of the toughest prisons ever constructed, Alcatraz. The Rock, as it was known to many, was supposed to be one of the most isolated prisons ever built. If the inmates did escape the island they would still have the chill waters of the bay beyond and the fast-moving current to fight. There’s still word that Frank Morris survived, but many believe there was no way that he could have made the trek from Alcatraz Island.

4. The Count of Monte Cristo

This is a revenge story that is still enjoyed by many from different generations for its simple motive that is backed by the complexity with which the main character goes about his plans.  He doesn’t just confront them, as this would be a dangerous and ultimately futile gambit. The Count ruins them from behind the scenes until only his accuser is left, at which point the subterfuge is no longer needed, and his revenge is complete.

3. The Rock

This is an interesting film largely because it means that in order to break back into the Rock you have to have someone that’s broken out of it in the first place. Alcatraz started to lose its luster after this as being one of the toughest prisons around, but in truth it only grew in interest for many people despite the fiction surrounding this movie. Many wanted to know just what the Rock was all about after this.

2. O Brother Where Art Thou

The days of the chain gangs made a prison break particularly difficult. If you were going to make a break for it then you needed to be certain that the guys on the chain with you were up for it. Most of the time the answer might have been a resounding yes, but the effort to do so would be the major stumbling block. After all, how likely is it that three relative strangers would ever get along this well, or be able to step in time with one another for that matter?

1. The Shawshank Redemption

Out of all the ways to escape prison this would have to be one of the absolute worst. Crawling through five hundred yards of foulness is just a bad nightmare that seems like it would never end. But let’s look at the positive, Andy was smart enough to create a fake identity that was expendable the moment he left the last bank. No one would go looking for him in Mexico, and no one would be able to find the unknown individual if they went looking. He was a ghost from the minute he left Shawshank.

Prison breaks are satisfying in movies, but only because they tend to center around those that are out to get back at those that have done them or another person an injustice.


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