Five of the Most Amazing Elevator Scenes in Movies

Five of the Most Amazing Elevator Scenes in Movies

Five of the Most Amazing Elevator Scenes in Movies

You either love elevators, hate them, or don’t feel any real two ways about them. They’re wonderful for saving all that walking up and down stairs but they’re also problematic because they can actually break down and leave you stranded. In movies they’re kind of a problem just because they offer so many unknowns and can be extremely dangerous. It’s not so much the actual conveyance however it’s more the fact that since it’s a powered lift it can be manipulated and even forced to cause harm if that’s the intent of the controller. In any case elevators can also be the setting for a funny or chilling scene.

Instead of rambling on about it here are a few clips that you can watch.

5. Resident Evil

When the whole building seems to go on lockdown and you’re trapped inside an elevator it can get very creepy very quickly. But one thing you should know is that if you try to squeeze your body out of an opening that’s not even big enough for a child there’s a good chance you’ll get stuck. If your building is run by a homicidal program intent on snuffing out all life for the greater good there’s a good chance you won’t like what happens next.

4. Devil

It would appear that even the devil has to work for the souls that he, or she in this instance get to take down south for the big burn. It’s strange though that the devil would work so hard for just a few twisted and corrupted souls. Maybe they were really that bad, a special kind of flavor that the Morning Star really, REALLY wanted in his/her collection. That’s kind of disturbing really.

3. Liar Liar

A bit of funny amidst the horror is always a nice break. Jim Carrey is no stranger to beautiful women or the chance to make a good joke. In this scene he’s already been cursed, or affected, or whatever you want to call it, by his son’s wish, and now has to tell the truth. But unless the woman takes it as a compliment the chances are that commenting on her bust in such a blunt manner isn’t going to turn out well.

2. Final Destination 2

Ever hear the phrase that death is whimsical? These movies appear to have been made on that premise as the elaborate death scenes and manner in which some people are finally taken on that final ride are just flat out gruesome and somehow so well-put together that people are able to just freak out and forget that some problems are able to be handled by STAYING CALM.

1. Silence of the Lambs

When it comes to glaring plot holes this classic isn’t immune. For one, if Lecter knows that there’s a bunch of gun-toting cops in the elevator he’s not going to pull a bone-headed move like lying spread-eagle on top of the elevator. Second, you have a whole team of FBI agents there, some of them no doubt profilers, and none of them could see something like this coming? It was a great movie, but Hollywood needs to ease up on the plausible deniability and get a little more real. It would certainly make people think a little more.

Great elevator scenes all, and they’re just a few out of the bunch that exist.


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