Five Actors You Never Realized Had Huge Drug Addictions

Five Actors You Never Realized Had Huge Drug Addictions

It’s very easy for a lot of people to become judgmental of those that have become addicted to one substance or another, especially if those people have ever used said substances and been able to stop using them after a while. The problem with judging others is that not only does it make a person look like an insensitive jerk, but the idea of addiction is very real since many substances create such a blissful moment within the minds of the users that they need to keep using continues and even increases as the tolerance for the substance goes up. The more a person uses, the more they want it, and the more they take it, the more damage they do to their body. One can say that they don’t care, and they generally don’t, but those around them are usually those that have to watch said individuals going down a path of self-destruction without a care in the world and they’re the ones that have to figure out how to get them to stop. Throughout the history show business drugs have been a serious problem since they’ve been used in many different ways, from keeping people awake for long periods of time to even being used in cough medicine way back in the day. The problem with anyone using drugs is that they’re bound to be the end of the user eventually, but the problem with actors using drugs is that thanks to their money and influence, they tend to have a much easier time getting them. Some celebrities have been able to hide their habit, but others haven’t been so lucky.

Here are a few individuals you might not have known that suffered through addiction at one point.

5. Angelina Jolie was addicted to heroin at one time.

A lot of actors tend to get started when they’re younger and in some cases might think that they won’t get addicted, or are hoping they will. While Angelina wasn’t exactly quiet about what she did it still wasn’t that big of a deal to a lot of people since they might have expected it. Like it or not, society does have some part to play in addiction, but if society steps in then it becomes an issue with trying to tell a person how to live. Sometimes the worst mistakes have to be made to teach a lesson. Thankfully Angelina stopped, and after adopting her first child everything kind of came into focus.

4. Jamie Lee Curtis was addicted to pain medications.

When people continually talk about using drugs to ‘escape’ and are living among the Hollywood elite once has to wonder why this is the direction they turn in. Without judgment, it does feel as though with enough money and time it feels as though there are so many other directions to go, but somehow altering your mind and going on a trip that leaves a person a drooling and incoherent mess eventually appears to be what a lot of people lean toward. Of course, at first, it’s likely pleasant since chemicals tend to take the edge off and make a lot of things easier to handle since the person just doesn’t care.

3. Leonard Nimoy had a serious addiction to alcohol and pills.

Initially, Nimoy’s biggest vices were tobacco and alcohol, but when his marriage was having troubles he turned to pills apparently, and the issue grew out of control as such things tend to sometimes. It’s amazing to think that the guy that played such a serious character that was in control of himself at all times was having these kinds of problems off the set, but then again, when one factors in the idea that he was only human, it’s easier to think of him as just as flawed as anyone else. But it was still a bit of a surprise to realize that he did have these types of issues. It’s a wonder how many fans know.

2. Zac Efron had a cocaine addiction.

It goes to show that there’s more going on in the lives of the stars if they have to resort to drugs at times to feel a semblance of normalcy. Perhaps this is why some folks don’t get that excited when seeing the stars because they know that these folks are just as fallible as they are, and aren’t people to be praised unduly. But thankfully Efron did manage to kick his habit eventually, though it was pretty bad for a while.

1. Carrie Fisher had a heroin addiction.

Carrie would actually snort heroin as she admitted a while before her passing, which sounds kind of rough since it’s not the way that a lot of people are seen to take that stuff in. But like so many others she was one of those that had a number of issues to deal with in her life. Like many others, she did kick the habit after a while, but it’s fair to say that a lot of people were a bit surprised to hear about this.

This is proof that fame and fortune aren’t enough to be entirely satisfied.

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