Five Actors Who Should Play Mike Pompeo in a Movie


The impeachment of President Trump is either heating up or turning into a clown show and it’s not looking good, period, at this point. But whether it’s going to be a movie at one point or not is kind of a moot point since someone is going to work up the nerve to do it, just you watch. If that’s the case then Mike Pompeo is no doubt going to be represented by one actor or another since hsi role in the whole mess at this point is something that seems to come up now and again depending on who a person talks to. This whole mess is going to be over eventually for good or ill when it comes to the American people that are starting to get tired of it. But whether or not the former director of the CIA is going to be shown in a positive or negative light is anyone’s guess since it depends on who’s taking the helm for the movie.

Here are five actors that might be able to stand in for his part if and when it comes to that.

5. Robert De Niro

Both sides, Democrats and Republicans, have been either letting De Niro have it for his views or have been supporting him throughout this mess and his words have been anything but kind when it comes to the president. Having him in a role like this where he might have to actually be supportive of a president he despises might be kind of interesting since it would likely test his acting skills in a big way if he did say yes to it. In a big way Republicans might actually get a good laugh if he did sign on and agreed to play this part, though it would be one of those instances that might never happen or happen on a dare.

4. Sam Rockwell

The great thing about some actors is that they don’t seem to care who they play since it’s a job and they’re acting. Sam Rockwell has been a solid actor throughout the length of his career and despite being kind of the goofball at times he’s still entirely reliable to be serious and put in a performance that can be one hundred percent sincere and without comedy. His time on screen thus far has been kind of a mix of characters that can either be insanely funny or just outright psychotic as he was in The Green Mile. That being said he’s the kind of guy that you could put into just about anything and tell him to act and he’d be great.

3. Christian Bale

So yes, it would seem that Christian Bale is done with the whole body morphing thing that has seen him go from  being nothing but skin and bones to extremely overweight and somewhere in-between. But there’s nothing to say he couldn’t wear a suit that might make him look more like Pompeo since he’s got the acting talent and he’s able to pull off just about any role he’s given with a great deal of efficiency and realism. Whether or not he’d actually want to wear a suit is the question since honestly he’s never done so in the past and he doesn’t seem inclined to start at this time, though it might be wise to consider.

2. Russell Crowe

Russell is another dependable guy but he’s kind of hard to pin down at times when it comes to his talent since he can be so good in some instances and then turn around be kind of ‘meh’ in his next movie. He does have a lot of talent, that’s not to be disputed, but he also seems to have the quality of being able to go from absolutely great to just so-so within the span of a single movie, which is troubling. But as a supporting character it would be easy to see him take on this role since there’s a good chance that he wouldn’t be expected to be brilliant, which means that he might find it easier to do his absolute best.

1. Gary Oldman

Let’s face facts, Gary Oldman can be just about anyone. Okay, there are limits, he’s not going to be a buffed out superhero without a lot of CGI help, but you know what I mean. This guy can take on an accent, a look, and mannerisms like no one’s business and can do it so well that you seem to forget that it’s him in the suit at times. In reality he can even go without prostheses and still put on an act that makes it necessary to look twice just to make sure that you’re not seeing things and that it is in fact him. That’s why he’d be my number one pick for this role.

Who would you nominate for the role?

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