Five Actors Who Could Play Richard Ramirez in a Movie

It’s not exactly a compliment when a person is told that they could pass for Richard Ramirez but in the context of playing the individual in a movie, it’s not exactly an insult either since looking at the guy one has to admit that he’s pretty creepy-looking and has the kind of appearance that might be pleasing to some and downright eerie to others. During his time the media-dubbed Night Stalker committed quite a few heinous crimes and never once appeared sorry for any of them. The truth about the guy is that he was a stone-faced killer and no matter what he’d been through in his life, he’d become something that couldn’t coexist with humanity any longer. Ramirez has been depicted before in the recent past and has been given a supernatural lean since his time as a Satanist is well known and his affinity for violence made him quite famous among certain circles. One thing about playing this character would be that whoever was given the role would have to dig pretty deep to find this kind of brutality, or they would have to find a way to make it convincing enough for people to actually be willing to watch. It’s pretty morbid to think of what passes for entertainment in this manner, but as you can imagine, people are still willing to watch.

Here are a few individuals that might be able to pull off the role of Richard Ramirez.

5. Wilmer Valderrama

He might actually have to tone down since he bulked up a bit after his time on That 70s Show, but Wilmer’s acting talents have definitely grown since then and he’s been able to take on other roles as time has moved on. Thinking that he would be able to go this dark is kind of hard to do since a lot of times he’s been seen to play very positive characters that don’t have a really dark lean to them. But given that he is a professional and that he has managed to improve so much, it would definitely be worth a shot to see what he has in this area and if he could make it work.

4. Xolo Mariduena

It might be a huge switch from his current role as Miguel in Cobra Kai, but it would be a good test for Xolo since it would put him through something that he might not be ready for but could learn a lot from in the process. Oen thing about acting, among the many, is that actors do have to step out of their comfort zones now and again if they really want to be successful, just like anyone to be honest. If he could go from being a shy and slightly nerdy kid to a karate badass that has a ton of confidence behind him then it’s not too hard to think that he might be able to take on a role such as this.

3. Diego Luna

To be fair, Diego has played a crook in the past, but he hasn’t really played anyone that comes remotely close to Ramirez since the guy is miles beyond anyone just looking at him. But Diego has already impressed in many ways since he’s taken on bit parts and supporting roles quite often and he’s leaning into taking a lead role in his own show eventually, so it’s not too hard to think that he might be able to do something like this. If nothing else, he’s a great actor that has a lot of range to him and should be able to dig down and really study Ramirez enough to make it work in a convincing way.

2. Andrew Keegan

Andrew is someone you might not think a lot about since he’s been kind of a teenage star and hasn’t done a lot that’s noteworthy lately. But he could bump up his status a bit by taking on this role since it could place him back near the top once again if he nailed it. As I said above, being told that someone has the right look to be seen as Ramirez isn’t really a compliment, but in terms of taking on an acting role, it could work for them in a very positive way.

1. Zach Villa

You might say that the fact that Villa has already taken on this character is cheating since he did play Ramirez in American Horror Story: 1984. But the fact is that he did a pretty good job even if he was kind of over the top now and then and didn’t really deliver what some would call a realistic role. It still feels as though he might be able to come back and do it again and take things seriously this time if he had to. It would be worth a shot.

It might also require therapy after filming was done.

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