Five Actors You Totally Forgot Were in “Can’t Hardly Wait”

Five Actors You Totally Forgot Were in “Can’t Hardly Wait”

Five Actors You Totally Forgot Were in “Can’t Hardly Wait”

Coming of age movies are rarely anything but funny, or touching, or in some way just flat out crazy. But as in Can’t Hardly Wait they usually pack in as many actors as possible that you might end up forgetting were ever in the movie. If you notice then kudos to you, but there are always those that are placed in the movie and then go on to have a great career, and then there are those that are there but don’t do much afterwards. It’s sort of like a group effort to see who stands out and who absolutely needs the help to do anything of significance.

All in all it makes a pretty good movie though.

5. Jaime Pressly

Playing one of the catty girlfriends that supports Amanda to her face but then tears her up behind her back is kind of the role that Jaime seems to play very well. But if you remember she really made her claim to fame by going on the show My Name is Earl not too long after this. As of now the place you might see her the most is on the sitcom Mom as one of the best friends. She might not be a leading lady but she’s a lot of fun to watch since she’s got a killer sense of humor.

4. Jason Segel

He’s the kind of guy you either love or don’t think much about. He’s had a great career since this movie but it’s also been something that you really have to follow in order to fully understand the guy. In this movie he was the individual that came running into the house yelling about how much vodka he’d poured into this one watermelon over the course of a year. Of course when it breaks apart he throws a fit, but a few hunks of watermelon later he could care less.

3. Selma Blair

For as popular as she was becoming around this time she didn’t get a lot of play in this movie. But then again there was a lot going on and her role was that of another high school student that was just a part of the party. The sad part is that despite being one of the two ladies initially interested in William after his impromptu concert she got pushed aside by another young woman that stepped into her place.

2. Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman got to play a pretty cool role in this movie since she was kind of the moral and inspirational guide that Preston needed right at that moment. She’d had a bad night up until that point and was in no mood to talk, but when she saw that Preston was in need of some guidance she didn’t hesitate. Of course she kind of misread the situation but hey, she was there to help all the same.

1. Jerry O’Connell

O’Connell played that guy that just never learned how to grow up and become the man that women wanted. Despite going on to college he remained stuck with the mentality of a high school kid, only to find out that in college people tend to change and want something better. It’s a hard lesson to learn but one that’s kind of important if you want any kind of life after high school.

It’d be easy to forget these people were in this movie since they only showed up for a couple of minutes a piece, if that long.

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