Five Actors Who Have Never Watched Any of Their Own Movies

Five Actors Who Have Never Watched Any of Their Own Movies

Movie buffs may be surprised to know that some of their favorite actors actually refuse to watch their own performances. It’s hard to imagine committing time and energy to a project and then refusing to see the end result. Many actors do just that. Many actors turn down the opportunity to see themselves on the small or big screen. Here’s a list of five actors who avoid watching their own performances.

Johnny Depp

The enigmatic Depp, who brought us the unforgettable Captain Jack Sparrow along with numerous other iconic roles, has explained that he steers clear of his own movie performances. He has explained in interviews that his children have seen more of his movies than he himself had. He admitted that it was regrettable that he missed out on the accomplishments of his friends but he believes that seeing his own performance would harm him. He also argues that his role with the project ends when he has concluded his role. We thing he’s really missing out on seeing some of our favorite movies of all time including Edward Scissorhands, The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is one of the most celebrated and renowned actors on the planet. She has 20 nominations for Oscars under her elegant belt and has collected the coveted gong three times. No Oscar acceptance speech would be complete without the best actress gushing about how much they have loved to watch Streep playing her latest role but one of the great Hollywood elders does not watch her own movies. Why does she keep away from her own performances? Streep explains that she prefers to look forward rather than dwelling on bygones.

Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem sees himself very differently to the rest of us. He cannot watch himself in movies. The drop-dead gorgeous, hunky actor has received massive critical acclaim for films including Jamon Jamon, Skyfall and The Pirates of The Caribbean. He won an Academy Award for his role as a disturbing psychopath in Coen Brothers’ hit No Country For Old Men. He is known as a chameleon and is unrecognizable from one movie to the next. However Bardem says that he can’t bear to look at himself as all he can see his own big nose and hear that “ridiculous voice”. Who would have thought that the handsome actor could be so self-conscious?

Jared Leto

Another much loved actor who is as versatile as he is good looking just doesn’t enjoy admiring himself. Leto admitted that he never saw the award winning Dallas Buyers Club for which he received an Academy Award. Like Depp he explained that he enjoyed the process and the experience of film making but once it’s done he’d prefer to walk away.

Resse Witherspoon

Resse Witherspoon appears to be a confident and self-assured actress but in turns out that she suffers from the same insecurities as the rest of us mortals. She claims to achieve a total state of amnesia once she’s finished a film. The actress who was remarkable and unforgettable in roles such as Walk The Line and Legally Blonde has not seen herself and no memory of the performances. She said if she were to see herself she’d spiral into self-hate. She mused recently that she couldn’t fathom why she’d want to watch herself pretending to be someone else.

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