First Image of Peter Dinklage, Richard Gere, and Walton Goggins in Drama ‘Three Christs’

First Image of Peter Dinklage, Richard Gere, and Walton Goggins in Drama ‘Three Christs’

So the short and skinny when it comes to the plot of the Three Christs is that it is about three hospital-bound schizophrenics that each believe they are Jesus Christ. That sounds like a very open premise and should be able to be developed into a fairly interesting and somewhat cryptic movie. It could be a drama or a comedy it seems like, or maybe a dramatic comedy if you really want to do a mashup.

The stars of the film are Peter Dinklage, Richard Gere, Walton Goggins, Bradley Whitford, and Julianna Margulies. It’s actually started filming in New York as of August 8th of 2016, with director John Avnet at the helm. It’s just been released this month.

Richard Gere plays Dr. Stone, the man that is monitoring the three men and is essentially in charge of their care. Peter Dinklage, Walton Goggins, and Bradley Whitford play Joseph, Leon, and Clyde. This kind of role might be a stretch for each of them but to be fair they’re all accomplished actors and should be able to rise to the challenge. After all Dinklage has played a number of roles that have required him to put his acting chops on the line, while Goggins and Whitford have a wealth of experience between them as well.

Each man has performed with some of the greatest that Hollywood has to offer and should be able to work very well with Gere, who is something of a living legend in his own right despite being very underrated. This should be a rather interesting sight considering that three of the actors will be playing schizophrenics that are all completely convinced that they are the risen Jesus Christ. Such a complex is not uncommon in the least as it’s been seen in society more than a few times throughout the history of man. How and why it occurs though is somewhat problematic.

The Messiah Complex, or the Christ Complex as it’s also known, is fairly common in those who suffer from acute schizophrenia. By itself the Messiah Complex is not listed in the diagnostic manual as a true disorder, but considering that it mirrors the symptoms of schizophrenia it is believed to be very closely related and in some cases the same thing. Those individuals that experience this complex are often under the impression that they have been sent to earth to become a savior of the masses and, like Jesus Christ, are in some way divine and far removed from the human race.

The strange thing about the complex is that there is little if any real vanity connected with the disorder. It is a state of mind that fully envelops the individual and is not easy to treat, if it’s treatable at all in some people. The likelihood of shattering someone’s psyche by rudely and metaphorically slapping the Messiah Complex out of them is very high. In fact it is dangerously high and could absolutely ruin someone if such brutal measures were used. This is typically why such individuals are brought to psychiatric hospitals to be carefully monitored and, if possible, helped in some positive way.


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