Why “Fear the Walking Dead” is Now Officially Better than “The Walking Dead”

Fear The Walking Dead does not have the ratings that The Walking Dead enjoys but it does have a very loyal fanbase. There are several things that fans love about this show that they feel does not apply to The Walking Dead and this is why it is a better show in their opinion. Some of these reasons are discussed in more detail below.

Better Visuals

One of the strongest arguments for why Fear The Walking Dead is the better show is that it is far superior visually. It has more color and you often see beautiful landscapes that you don’t often see in The Walking Dead. This works in perfect contrast to the fact that things are generally not going well and people are in constant battle with dealing with the fact that the world is coming to an end.

More Zombies

One of the recent criticisms of The Walking Dead is that the zombies don’t actually pose that much of a threat anymore. The characters are more likely to be seen fighting with other humans than they are with zombies. Fear The Walking Dead still has the horror element to it that attracted fans to The Walking Dead in the first place. It is still very much a horror show that leaves fans on the edge of their seats.

More Believable Characters

Fans of The Walking Dead have a strong attachment to the main characters and in some ways, this makes them almost over the top to some fans. The characters in Fear The Walking Dead seem to have better interactions with each other as there is not such a clear divide between characters that are evil and those that are good. This means that there is more scope to follow the emotional journeys of the characters and see the ways in which they change over the seasons and it is this that makes the characters all that more believable and also relatable.

Not As Predictable

The Walking Dead is a dramatization of a comic and so anyone that has read these comics has a general idea of what might happen next. However, this is not the case with Fear The Walking Dead as the writers have complete freedom about where they can next take the show. It has shown in previous seasons that it is not at all predictable and there have been some genuinely shocking moments. The fact that fans have almost no idea what is coming next keeps them interested and this is why they continue watching. There is the feeling that almost anything could happen.

The new season of Fear The Walking Dead has just begun and fans are looking forward to seeing the action unfold. In some ways, it cannot be compared to The Walking Dead because the two worlds in which the shows are set are very different. However, loyal fans of Fear The Walking Dead definitely think that it is the better of the two and there is not going to be much that will change their minds.

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