“Fear Street” Trailer Teases Some Awesome Summer Scares on Netflix

“Fear Street” Trailer Teases Some Awesome Summer Scares on Netflix

For three Fridays in a row, Netflix is going to do what it can to scare people and possibly make them laugh at some of the most ridiculous horror tropes ever made when Fear Street debuts and gives people another set of stories to look at. Each consecutive story is going to be connected however as the teens that are being attacked apparently come to realize that the strange phenomena that they’re experiencing have been a part of their own for a very, VERY long time. It’s about to get plenty weird when this experience comes to Netflix, but it’s bound to be a lot of fun as well since horror is always in no matter the season, and it’s bound to happen that a lot of people will get into the spirit of it and find a great deal of enjoyment in being scared and amused at the same time. If one is being honest the type of horror that can make a person laugh, even nervously at times, is sometimes better than the horror that makes a person sick to their stomach. It’s all a matter of how it’s presented and how people react to be certain.

One of the greatest tropes of all is a town that actively tries to forget its shady past even when tragedies become a common thing every so often. The need to simply bury the truth is something that lends itself to horror very well and can be done in a number of different ways that will almost always be a classic tale if told in a way that works for the story at hand. This is the problem unfortunately, some stories end up trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak, and don’t realize that they’re doing something that might be revolutionary, but at the same time is kind of like trying out a new recipe without looking at the directions first. Success is pretty rare in such a case. But thankfully it does look as though Fear Street might be adhering to a variety of tropes that will help it out and maybe even make it into something that people will be talking about for a while after the release.

The idea that the three different movies are connected but occur in different time periods is kind of nice since it shows the progression of the town’s troubles, only backward. It’s not the first time that such a thing has been done, but it’s also not so common that people might start snoozing on this idea before giving it a chance. The idea of killers that keep coming back to enact their own different killing sprees every so often is kind of psychotic in a way but also kind of interesting since it gets the mind to think why this happens and why no one has done anything about it yet. But we’ll hopefully be able to find that out as the movies go along since each Friday things will likely become a little clearer, that is if they don’t with each new addition to the story. This kind of storytelling is compelling since it typically makes a person want to keep watching just so they have the full picture, which is smart really from the perspective of the storyteller.

Inspired by the R.L. Stine Fear Street novels, it’s easy to think that things aren’t going to get too hardcore, but they might end up being creepy all the same for the implied violence. If they do manage to cross that line then it’ll be just as interesting since being scared is one thing, being grossed out is another, and seriously, horror can be scary without the added splashes of crimson since the cerebral aspect of a horror movie is a lot creepier than the visceral, since the implied terror is something that a person can’t turn away from, since that feeling remains with them for a good long while after it begins. A person can look away from blood and guts and possibly forget that they saw them, but that feeling of terror can last a lot longer. It’s a little surprising that this isn’t coming out closer to October, but then again, horror is good just about anytime.

It’s likely that plenty of people will at least try the trio of movies out just to see if they’re worth watching, and some might drop off after the first or second one. But so far the story sounds good enough and the idea of killers that come back every few generations could make for a very intriguing tale. It’s definitely something we’ll be looking into since a good scare can be a lot of fun sometimes. Who knows, it could even be one of the more amusing movies of the summer.

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