Fangoria Is Producing It’s First Movie Called “Sitora”

Fangoria Is Producing It’s First Movie Called “Sitora”

Fangoria Is Producing It’s First Movie Called “Sitora”

I’ll admit the first time I came upon a Fangoria magazine was back in the 90s, but back then thinking of them as anything but a magazine wasn’t really the norm. To hear that the same company is now producing their first movie is rather impressive, and with the idea that it will be using more practical effects, one can’t help but think that falls in line with the Fangoria of old. Even with a few bumps along the road to this current time, Fangoria has been a name that many horror fans have held near and dear to them since it’s been one of the publications that have always kept people in the loop with new ideas in the horror genre and have covered a number of things that people have wanted to know more about. Much like many other publications, Fangoria kept people aware of what was going on, what was coming up and was essential to those that loved horror. In a time when the internet wasn’t quite yet the worldwide giant it is now, magazines such as Fangoria were what people depended on for their entertainment news.

The movie, Sitora, will be the focus of Fangroia’s first foray into movies and it already sounds like something that might appeal to old-school horror fans since it centers around a shaman that’s taken to frightening his people into line with stories of a strange, hybrid beast that is half-human and half-tiger and helps him to keep his people in line. The idea of the movie apparently came from a story that was lost in a flood, but it also sounds like something that’s been passed around a bit during campfire stories and throughout the years in a few different ways. It’s true that horror stories have this distinction, that they’ve passed by word of mouth from one telling to another, but it’s exciting to think of what Fangoria is going to do with this idea.

This name has been a pretty big draw in the horror genre since it’s been around for decades, and even when it wasn’t doing too well it’s easy to see that the magazine wasn’t ready to keel over and die. Fangoria has had its rough years and it has found the need to diversify in the past, but it’s still continued to plug right along, keeping things moving as the world of horror has continued to change. Sitora already sounds like something that we might have enjoyed back in the 80s or 90s, which means at this time it’s bound to be something that people are going to flock to see since nostalgia is such a big thing at this time. This could be a huge uptick in the history of the publication, and it could mean increased exposure that it could use to keep expanding in a positive manner. One has to wonder if, back in the day, anyone thought that Fangoria would go this far or if it would remain a popular publication that didn’t appear to be bound for this current move. It goes to show that one doesn’t really know what’s going to happen until it actually happens.

At this point one has to wonder how many different entrants will try their hand at different venues than what they started out as since at this point it feels certain that nothing is bound to stay impossible or out of reach for long since Fangoria used to be something that would be seen in the newsstands but not many other places since like it or not, it’s kind of a niche publication that doesn’t get noticed or mentioned all that often in a universal manner. It’s fair to say that more people might start taking Fangoria seriously after Sitora comes out, but at this time there’s no set release date, so we’re going to have to wait and see what’s coming. Given that there’s a supernatural element to it along with the idea that a tyrant is trying to keep control of his people, it’s very likely that people will appreciate what they hear and will be expecting good things when the movie finally does arrive.

The mention of practical effects usually gets the mind thinking that there’s going to be something that will either impress or utterly disappoint the audience, but thankfully, practical effects have been improving over the years just as much as CGI, since the old-school way of doing things is still enjoyable at times, but there are moments when something else is needed. A human/tiger hybrid is no doubt going to need some seriously heavy effects that might be a little obvious but could come out looking impressive. Again, we’ll have to wait and see when something finally pops up, but as of now, it’s pretty exciting to hear that Fangoria has definitely stepped their game up.

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