The Exorcist Review: “Star of the Morning”

The Exorcist, "Chapter Six: Star of the Morning"

The previous episode of The Exorcist ended in a pretty major way, revealing that Angela Rance is, in fact, Regan MacNeill from the original film, and Angela’s mother Chris has shown up to help her daughter. This development should drive the second half of the season, so let’s take a look at what happened in the new episode, “Chapter Six: Star of the Morning.”

The episode opens with a recording of a morning talk show appearance by Regan and Chris after the experience in Georgetown (the events of the original film), and we see that tensions between mother and daughter were high because of what they went through. Regan in particular is in a very rough state, and it’s clear that her possession left her in an absolutely terrible state.

Back in the present-day, Chris continues introducing herself to Angela’s family (specifically Katherine), while Angela and Henry argue about the way that Angela lied about her family for years. The MacNeill possession being fully in the series now adds a wonderful dynamic to The Exorcist, and I love the way that Casey’s possession is now paralleling Regan’s so directly.

I absolutely love the dynamic between Angela and Henry as they try to reconcile all of Angela’s lies, and Alan Ruck is giving the performance of a lifetime as Henry. Henry has often been the saddest part of The Exorcist because of his condition, and the fact that he’s now having to deal with not even being able to believe everything his wife has said makes it even sadder. Equally as good is the dynamic between Angela and Chris. Being able to draw from the backstory of the source material adds so much drama and emotion to their story that it brings things up to an entirely different level, and the series is all the better for it.

Maria Walters has been the biggest wild card all season, but her story is now tying into the main plot of the series in a major way, and these new wrinkles change things up in pretty huge ways. Some of the best developments on television are when we realize that what we think we’ve been watching isn’t what we’ve actually been watching, and these changes in the latter half of the episode are a pretty clear sign that this may be the case on The Exorcist. I can’t wait to see how this plays out in the remaining four episodes.

“Star of the Morning” was a very strong and impactful episode of The Exorcist that successfully followed the major twist in the previous episode while still delivering new thrills and developments that will help drive the plot from here on out. This isn’t the show that we saw in the series pilot anymore, and it’s so exciting to watch play out each and every week. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What did you think of the newest episode of The Exorcist? What are your thoughts on the big reveal? Let us know down below!

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