Why We’re Excited for the New Neflix Show “Safe” Starring Michael C. Hall

Why We’re Excited for the New Neflix Show “Safe” Starring Michael C. Hall

Why We’re Excited for the New Neflix Show “Safe” Starring Michael C. Hall

It’s always exciting when new shows are announced, especially when they’re starring a famous actor that most people have come to love. Michael C. Hall, Dexter himself, is going to be coming out in a new show called Safe that will be featured on Netflix. Not a whole lot is known about the show at this time but fans are already gathering themselves into an uproar to hear more about what might go down during the eight episodes that the show is scheduled to run. Thus far the buzz has been steadily growing despite the lack of information that the has been forthcoming as of yet.

So why so much excitement when we don’t know that much?

The information given is enough to be enticing.

So far from what we know Hall will be playing the part of a British pediatric surgeon who is also a widower. He has two daughters that he attempts to raise and look after as best he can. When one of his daughters decides to sneak out to attend a party however what follows is something that might be every parent’s nightmare. Murder, disappearance, and the resurgence of dark secrets that could turn their safe little world into something far more sinister are on the horizon in this thrilling new series. Despite not being given much else the information that has been revealed is enough to keep many people on their toes as they begin the wait for this new show to make its appearance on screen.

It’s Michael C. Hall.

The actor has gained quite a following since his days as Dexter and already has people in a tizzy about his upcoming role. Many people will be tuning in just to see him flaunt his acting talent once again and few could possibly blame them. He’s proven that he has what it takes to star in a well-known and well-respected series and since then he’s been a common name on the lips of those that have fully enjoyed his work. It doesn’t seem to matter any longer that he’s been associated with Hollywood films such as Gamer and Paycheck. These films might have generated a modest fan base but they were overall stinkers that didn’t really go anywhere. Hall has come into his own since then and has gained an impressive following that he’s more than earned for his acting talent and genius on screen.

The show should be worth the wait. 

Sadly the show won’t air until 2018, but that only gives fans of Hall more time to salivate as they are given scraps of information now and again to pore over. But the time the show hits there will no doubt be fan blogs and theorists that have already “figured out” just what the show will be about and what direction it will take. This is part of the fun for fans after all, trying to guess just what directors and actors are up to before they get to see the final product.

So try not to miss Safe when it comes out. The show will hit Netflix in 2018, so be ready.

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