The Evolution of Mario Cantone: Yup, He’s Still Relevant

The Evolution of Mario Cantone: Yup, He’s Still Relevant

The Evolution of Mario Cantone:  Yup, He’s Still Relevant

Does anyone remember Mario Cantone? If you do then it might mean you watched Steampipe Alley back in the day. What is that you ask? It’s a kids show that had a few questionable gimmicks now and again but was otherwise a show geared towards entertaining ages eight to fifteen. What was really questionable about the show was that it had a 52% adult audience that would write in or try to contact the host, Mark Cantone. He wasn’t so foul-mouthed back then because quite honestly he couldn’t afford to be.

Somehow this guy is still relevant. Any ideas to how or why? Here’s a few ideas.

He stopped doing kid shows. 

Cantone wasn’t in his element doing kid shows. The campy, high-pitched voice and goofy antics might have entertained kids and adolescents back in the day but if you watch them now they’re just flat out disturbing. If he could have let his language barrier fall then the show would have likely been one successive series of bleeps all the way through from start to finish. The filler words would have amounted to about five to ten minutes of screen time at best. At the very least the kids seemed to enjoy it and the ridiculous games that were anything but PC provided a good laugh. Of course, most of what he talked about and did in those days would likely never get past censors today.

He started doing stand-up comedy.

Once Cantone got into the type of comedy where he didn’t have to hold back he seemed to have found his niche. He could talk about most anything and nothing was strictly taboo. This mean that he could talk openly about being gay, let drop all the cuss words he could think of, and just in general go off about anything that came to mind. On stage he’s actually a lot more controlled than he seemed in Steampipe Alley, but at times still looks like he can fly off the hook with the best of them. So maybe, just maybe he’s still worth a look.

Now he’s joined the comedy cabinet as Anthony Scaramucchi.

Just a couple of days ago the Comedy Central skit showcasing Cantone as Scaramucchi aired, and boy did he let it fly. I wish I could say that it wasn’t funny but it was hilarious in fact. He definitely doesn’t pander any more than he ever did and just let’s it fly and land where it will. Cantone is definitely an aggressive comic and pulls no punches during his roles. In fact it’s almost surprising that we haven’t heard anything yet about Trump or Scaramucchi coming after the creators of this skit in some way. The POTUS has been notoriously thin-skinned during his run thus far and there’s nothing to say that the rest of his chosen cabinet won’t be. But then it might be that they will ignore this or simply pick their spot when the time is right. In any case I can’t be the only one that thinks that Cantone might be playing a dangerous game at the moment.

If you remember right, the POTUS isn’t shy about letting his opinion be known. But what’s the worst thing that will happen, he’ll block Cantone on Twitter?


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