Everything You Need to Know About Skyburner’s Oath in Destiny 2

Everything You Need to Know About Skyburner’s Oath in Destiny 2

Everything You Need to Know About Skyburner’s Oath in Destiny 2

Destiny is full of so many very unique and very powerful weapons and armor known as “Exotics.” These weapons can range from things like Hand Cannons, Auto Rifles, DMR-like Scout Rifles, Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Sidearms, Machine Guns, Shotguns, Fusion Rifles, Swords, and so many more. These Exotics give the game its unique “flavor” and are part of what makes Destiny so memorable. For players that want to grind out the latest-and-greatest god roll stats – Exotic armor gives them something to chase. For players that are more dead set on collecting every piece of gear – there’s a ton of Exotic quests that you can complete to earn these powerful weapons. One of these weapons is called the “Skyburner’s Oath” and it’s one of the most underutilized weapons in Destiny 2. So what do you need to know about the Skyburner’s Oath Exotic Scout Rifle?

What is Skyburner’s Oath?

Skyburner’s Oath is one of the most famous Exotic weapons in Destiny 2, but maybe not for the reason that you’d think. Skyburner’s Oath is a pretty big meme within the Destiny community, because it is typically outclassed by every single other option in the game. However, within Season of the Chosen, it’s gotten a fair bit better with some buffs and an Exotic perk that actually makes it useful in this Cabal-focused Season. The perks available on Skyburner’s Oath are as follows:

  • Extended Barrel
    • Increase range (Adds +10 Range)
    • Decreases handling speed (Adds -10 Handling)
    • Moderately controls recoil (Adds +10 Recoil)
  • Extended Mag
    • Greatly increases magazine size (Adds +30 Magazine)
    • Greatly decreases reload speed (Adds -20 Reload Speed)
  • For The Empire
    • This weapon is Full Auto, does extra damage to Cabal, and penetrates Phalanx shields
  • Short-Action Stock
    • Greatly increases handling speed (Adds +15 Handling)
  • Slug Rifle
    • This weapon lobs large, explosive, seeking slugs when you’re firing from the hip. When you’re aiming down sights, the slugs travel fast and straight, with higher damage and a lower rate of fire

So, because Season of the Chosen is entirely centered around the Cabal, the Skyburner’s Oath perk “For The Empire” actually makes a pretty significant impact on the usability of the gun. In addition to this, one of the Champion mods in Season of the Chosen is “Anti-Barrier Scout Rifle” which allows any Scout Rifle to penetrate and destroy Barrier Champions, which makes Skyburner’s Oath quite a perfect choice when participating in Nightfall: The Ordeal (and specifically the Grandmaster variant), or Battlegrounds activities in which you’ve got a few Barrier Champions and tons of Cabal running amok.

Skyburner’s Catalyst in Destiny 2

Skyburner’s Oath has actually received a catalyst within Destiny 2, however, outside of the traditional Masterwork benefits that allow weapons that have been Masterworked to generate Orbs of Power on multikills, as well as providing the weapon with a tracker that displays the total number of combatants that have been defeated while using the weapon, the Skyburner’s Oath catalyst provides a single additional benefit to the weapon: it increases the range of the weapon to 30. That’s it. While some added range isn’t going to make the gun worse, it definitely doesn’t make it all that much better. You can find the Catalyst by completing strikes, Crucible, and Gambit matches, however, it is a random drop and it doesn’t seem that there’s any way to increase your chance of obtaining the catalyst, so your best bet is to just continue to do activities and hope that it drops from one of them. After you do end up getting your hands on the Skyburner’s Oath catalyst, you’ll need to get a total of 1000 Cabal kills with the weapon in order to upgrade the Catalyst. After you finish slaying out some Cabal (probably in Battlegrounds or the Arms Dealer strike), then you’ll be able to slot in the Skyburner’s Oath catalyst and you’re good to go.

Overall, the Skyburner’s Oath Exotic Scout Rifle isn’t a particularly bad weapon, especially in a Season that is entirely centered around Cabal, you’ll probably want to take this into some Cabal-filled activities. However, once Season of the Chosen ends, and Season of the Splicer begins, this weapon will more than likely be making its way back to most players’ vaults, because it just won’t be able to compete with other Legendary and Exotic weapons. I get that the entire point of the gun is to be a powerhouse against the Cabal, but it just doesn’t really feel as powerful as a Cabal weapon should be – I mean, it is quite literally taken from a Cabal, so it should be mowing them down as quickly as they do to us, right? Hopefully we’ll see a few changes and tweaks made to the gun to allow it to compete a little bit more with some other options that we’ve got in the game right now.Season of the Splicer

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