Everything We Know About the Second Season of The Summer I Turned Pretty TV Series

Everything We Know About the Second Season of The Summer I Turned Pretty TV Series
Everything We Know About the Second Season of The Summer I Turned Pretty TV Series

Credit: @thesummeriturnedpretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty TV series is coming back for a second season. This isn’t remarkable, considering how good the series is, but it is welcome. What is remarkable, however, is that it was given the green light for a second season before the first even aired. This means the network was so confident it would do well that it didn’t need to wait for confirmation from viewers. When Amazon Prime decided to turn author Jenny Han’s book series into a television show, The Summer I Turned Pretty TV series was born – and book fans were excited. Now it’s filming season two, and we have a lot of information you want to know.

Summer Isn’t the Only Season

The Summer I Turned Pretty TV series is exactly what it sounds like – a show about summer. It’s all about the summer season, but it might be more. Jenny Han announced that she is excited to explore the lives of these teenage kids in other seasons, too. Does this mean we will see Belly and her friends at school? Will there be holidays other than the Fourth of July to celebrate? It’s a situation we don’t know about yet, but it looks pretty likely.

All the Main Characters Are Back in Action

The Summer I Turned Pretty TV series would not be the same without the entire cast, and they are all coming back. Lola Tung already spoke out about her excitement for a second season. Christopher Briney is also excited. Gavin Casalegno is ready to find out what happens next. They all are. It’s a huge show with a significant return, but we don’t know how it will go.

Everything We Know About the Second Season of The Summer I Turned Pretty TV Series

Credit: @thesummeriturnedpretty

What Happens in the Second Season?

To be frank, we don’t know. The truth is that the first season did follow the book closely, but there were some major differences. The key is that there were not many differences, but the ones that were – well, they were major. For example, Susannah (spoiler alert) does not treat her cancer when it returns. In the book, she chooses to forgo treatment once she gets the news, but she doesn’t make the same decision in The Summer I Turned Pretty TV series. She decides to treat it in the show, so is there a chance she will live? The second book is all about her own kids processing her death, but is there a chance she might not die? We don’t know.

When Can We See Season Two?

Who knows? Here is what we do know. As of August 29, 2022, season two is in the filming stages. It’s not done yet, but we do know it began filming sometime in July. We don’t know how many episodes or how long it takes to film a show like this one, though. This means we don’t know when the second season will drop. If we had to guess when the new season will air, we’d assume it might air at some point in 2023. We’re thinking of a June release in keeping with the show’s theme, but who knows? It will take a few months to film. The show will then go into the editing phase, then it has to be scheduled and promoted, the stars have to go on the road to do their own type of marketing prior to the premier, and everyone has to wait. But they won’t wait that long. By the time it airs, it’ll feel much faster than it does now.

Everything We Know About the Second Season of The Summer I Turned Pretty TV Series

Credit: @thesummeriturnedpretty

Cousins Beach Continues to be The Star

As far as how we will see each character in different seasons when the entire premise is at the beach house in Cousins Beach, we don’t know. What we do know is that the beach house is something that will recur in season two. We know this because the cast is back in North Carolina filming at the fictitious Cousins Beach, meaning the beach house is where they are. Frankly speaking, it’s difficult to figure out how the show will continue without the beach or when they are in their everyday homes versus the beach house, but the show will continue – and we will learn as we go. Right now, though, the show is being filmed in North Carolina, and everyone is excited about the prospect of a second season. If you have not watched the first season, do so now. You can stream it anytime on Amazon Prime.

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