Everything We Know about Doctor Strange 2 So Far

So far we all know that Dr. Strange is coming back since most of those in Infinity War are coming back, if not all of them. This is evidenced by the simple fact that if it’s going to hold close enough to the Infinity Gauntlet story to appease fans that things would have to be reversed in some way. But of course the most obvious reason would be that the sequels are already being teased and without the titular heroes they wouldn’t make sense. But according to Becky Fuller from ScreenRant it sounds as though there might be a while to wait yet for a sequel to the movie largely because some still say it hasn’t been confirmed while others say that it has.

For right now it seems fair to assume that the idea has been confirmed, but the production hasn’t really kicked off as of yet. It does sound as though the earliest that this film can be expected is in 2020 since the MCU does have other films that are waiting to be unveiled. Mike Cecchini from Den of Geek! however seems to think that it’s more likely that the movie will hit theaters in 2021 since the screenplay might not  be done until late 2019. There appear to be a few different MCU movies that are in line to be made and a few of them do have to do with characters that are involved directly with Infinity War, a couple of them being those that were affected by the dreaded snap.

There is an idea that’s been reported on by Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb that a new character to the MCU might be possibly joining the ranks in Dr. Strange 2, but nothing has been solidified yet. Namor the Submariner, one of Marvel’s oldest antihero/villains, is supposedly being teased by the director of Dr. Strange 2, but there’s no concrete evidence that he’ll show up. He’s even been rumored to be a part of Black Panther 2 which is still coming up in the future, but again, there’s nothing certain and it seems to be more of a way to get people riled up at the moment.

Other rumors include that Baron Mordo will be back, utilizing the same actor, as will Rachel McAdams as Strange’s love interest. Then there’s mention of a new villain, one that’s been a part of Dr. Strange lore for a while but hasn’t made his way to the MCU yet. When you realize how much of Marvel comics we have yet to see you get better sense of the scope that it encompasses and how long the MCU could possibly go now that they have legal right to so many different characters. But while some might think that Mordo would be the obvious choice to bring back as Strange’s most potent enemy there are many that dwell in other dimensions that are bound to take note of his presence and try to test him continually. Strange has already shown that he can best Dormammu despite the fact that the being can easily overpower him, but should Nightmare make an appearance it seems that Dr. Strange might be up against another opponent that has a distinct edge.

For all his magical might, and he is quite skilled, Dr. Strange still has a long list of limitations that were made clear when he fought against Ebony Maw in Infinity War. While Wang was at his side he was doing quite well, but once it was one on one it seems that Strange was a bit unprepared for what he was facing and couldn’t quite react quick enough to defend himself properly. Being that Nightmare, being as bad as he sounds, operates within the dream dimension that all mortals visit when they sleep, it would almost seem as though he was bound to be someone that Strange would have an even bigger problem with considering that in his astral form he is still quite vulnerable.

But the hope and the realization is that once Infinity War is all over and done with he’ll be wiser and possibly stronger, though it hasn’t been stated as to how yet. Dr. Strange has been one of the odder heroes to follow throughout the years since he’s not all about physicality and getting his hands dirty when it comes to the actual fighting. He’s been a supportive character quite often though he has used his powers to fight on occasion. In fact during the first movie and Infinity War it seems that we’ve seen him fight more in those two films than we have across the entire line of his comic series. Okay maybe that’s not quite accurate, but in terms of fighting he’s not the down and dirty type like the Hulk or Iron Man. He plays to his strengths just as the other heroes do, which means he fights from a distance.

It should be a great sequel when it comes.

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