Every Television Show Morena Baccarin was a Regular in

If you saw Deadpool in 2016, you probably thought that Morena Baccarin was a new face. On the contrary, the Brazilian-American actress has been active in the industry since 2001, both in television and film. While remembering that this list doesn’t count single appearances and movies, here’s a list of all the television shows where she’s had recurring roles–to show you just how much acting Baccarin has done over the years.

Firefly (2002-2003)

In this sci-fi drama, Baccarin played Inara Serra, a high-society courtesan that was born on Sihnon during the late 25th century. Inara Serra was a young girl who was adept at swordplay. Later on, Baccarin would reprise the role of Serra in the movie Serendipity.

Still Life (2003-2004)

This short-lived drama was about the Morgan family’s recovery from a loss. Baccarin played Maggie Jones, the love interest in the story. The show only had 6 episodes, and Baccarin was in every single one.

Justice League Unlimited (2005-2006)

During this time, Baccarin provided the voice for Black Canary/Dinah Lance and Edgar Mandragora. She voiced these characters in three episodes. Interestingly enough, while starting out with this animation, Baccarin will find herself again doing voice work for DC characters later on in her career.

The O.C. (2006)

In 2006, Baccarin was in three episodes of the O.C. as Maya Griffin. The daughter of Henry Griffin, the Head of the Hospital Board, Maya dated Jeff Hephner’s Matt Ramsey character. The biggest purpose of Maya’s role in the show was to be the reason for Matt’s firing.

Stargate SG-1 (2006-2007)

In 2006, Baccarin goes back to sci-fi as Adria in Stargate SG-1. Baccarin played the adult version of Adria in the show. Adria is the daughter of Vala Mal Doran and of the Ori. Adria ended up lead the Ori into power until her regime ended in 2007. That was when Adria’s influence over the Milky Way finally ended for good. Baccarin reprised this role in the movie Stargate: The Ark of Truth.

Heartland (2007)

Baccarin had another short show called Heartland back in 2007. She played Nurse Jessica Kivala, one of the lead characters in the show. The show had only 9 episodes and Baccarin was in every single one.

V (2009-2011)

This show was basically about the invasion of a ruthless alien race, and Baccarin was at the helm of it all. She was Anna, the leader of the Visitors, and although she appeared to have been a charming creature, she was actually manipulative and tyrannical. In addition, Anna was really a reptilian creature on the inside much like all other visitors.

The Good Wife (2012-2013)

Baccarin had a short stint in the famous TV drama, The Good Wife. She played the character Isobel Swift in two episodes. The first episode was aired in 2012, Long Way Home, and the second episode was aired in 2013, The Wheels of Justice.

Homeland (2011-2013)

This CIA drama is one of the best shows on television currently, and Baccarin had a steady recurring role from 2011 to 2013. She was in a total of 36 episodes. Baccarin played Jessica Brody, the wife of Damien Lewis’ character Nick Brody. Baccarin received her first Emmy nomination for Supporting Actress in a Drama series for her portrayal of this character.

The Red Tent (2014)

The Red Tent was a TV miniseries that told the story of the twelve tribes of Israel. Baccarin played the role of Rachel in two episodes. Rachel was Jacob’s favorite wife and also Leah’s sister. Iain Glen played Jacob while Minnie Driver played the role of Leah.

The Mentalist (2011-2014)

The Mentalist was a unique show; it was one of the first ones that used psychology in solving crime and mystery. Baccarin played Erica Flynn in three episodes over the span of 3 years: 2011, 2012, and 2014. Erica Flynn was a matchmaker, and she murdered her husband John. She was eventually incarcerated in her final episode for her crime.

The Flash (2014-2018)

Baccarin finally returns to the world of DC, this time in a live-action version. Be that as it may, we still don’t get to see Baccarin in these episodes from The Flash. We do, however, get to hear her voice. Baccarin plays Gideon, an advanced computer AI from the future. We see Gideon in the Time Lab located in a location in STAR Labs that’s only known to Harrison Wells.

Gotham (2015-2018)

Her latest recurring role is in the Netflix series, Gotham. Baccarin plays Leslie Thompkins, Batman’s doctor friend. She is also Bruce Wayne’s godparent and very close confidante. Baccarin has been playing this role since 2015 and has been in 75 episodes to this day.

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