Every Single “Black Mirror” Easter Egg from Seasons 1-4

So the whole idea about every Black Mirror episode being different and not related has kind of been debunked. The Easter eggs from season 1 to 4 however show that the episodes all exist in the same universe at least. There are many way that each episode is loosely connected to the others, but it is more coincidental and less likely to seen as anything more than what might happen in real life. Things are interconnected on a level that people don’t always realize and can tend to come together in a way that make them seem highly familiar and bring to mind a sense of deja vu that is not so much real deja vu but instead something that is familiar simply because it’s registered within the subconscious in a way that we didn’t understand.

It is very possible that we pick things up each day that we don’t remember. The human mind is something that works in ways that we still don’t fully understand. A person could be watching this show and pick up everything they see without knowing about it. The constant picking and searching through the shows is a product of this as people want to know why there seems to be a connection between one episode and another even if it’s not readily apparent. It’s the feeling that there’s something that connects them all either because they can’t believe that a series would be completely disconnected or that it just makes sense that some things would be replicated and used again and again.

Honestly I was thinking of watching this show up until this point. I happened to like the idea of each episode not being connected to the other in any way, shape, or form. It brings back the idea of short stories that have nothing to do with each other and can stand alone on their own merit. But somehow people seem to feel the need to remind each other that it’s okay, no matter how much of a disconnect there is there is still a bridge of information that can be relied upon if you know how to find it. The isolation aspect of Black Mirror, the idea that none of the episodes were connected, was a fun thing to think about and to almost watch. But since humanity doesn’t live in a vacuum and people can’t seem to let go of that need to connect one thing with another it stands to reason that there would be Easter eggs that would finally bring them together in a way that people would understand and better appreciate.

I might still watch the show simply because it looks interesting. It looks like something that could hold a person’s attention from one episode to another even if the knowledge that the episodes are somehow connected is kind of a downer. I find it amusing that the show would bring forth such a premise only to turn around and give a big “ha ha, fooled you!” in such a manner.

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