Every Seasonal Offering Available in Season of the Splicer

Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer launched (to many server issues) recently and with it comes a brand new selection of seasonal offerings in the Eververse store! From brand new ornaments, finishers, to every accessory that you could ask for to deck out your Guardian, it’s time to check out what Bungie has to offer us in Season of the Splicer! With this Season, Bungie has also brought back quite a few Eververse items from previous Seasons, so if you missed out on getting that one ornament for Whisper of the Worm, or Ace of Spades, now’s your chance to stock up on Silver and get your hands on all of these beloved cosmetics. So what does Tess have to offer Guardians in Season of the Splicer?

Season of the Splicer Seasonal Cosmetics

Taking a look at the seasonal cosmetics for Season of the Splicer, we’ve got:

  • Season of the Splicer Starter Pack (1400 Silver)
    • Contains 3 exclusive accessories and 3 Synthwave Templates for Armor Synthesis
  • Couturier Warlock Bundle (1500 Silver)
  • Couturier Hunter Bundle (1500 Silver)
  • Couturier Titan Bundle (1500 Silver)
  • Ionic Spear
    • Legendary Warlock Finisher (800 Silver)
  • Electric Slap
    • Legendary Titan Finisher (800 Silver)
  • Skull Crasher
    • Legendary Hunter Finisher (800 Silver)
  • Astrostrides
    • Exotic St0mp-EE5 Ornament (600 Silver)
  • Execute (Revival)
    • Exotic Phoenix Cradle Ornament (600 Silver)
  • Sovereign Signal
    • Exotic Crown of Tempests Ornament (600 Silver)
  • Binary Function
    • Exotic Duality Ornament (700 Silver)
  • Bound By Oath
    • Exotic Eriana’s Vow Ornament (700 Silver)
  • Cyberoptics
    • Exotic Eyes of Tomorrow Ornament (700 Silver)
  • Dreamchaser
    • Exotic Jotunn Ornament (700 Silver)
  • Ashen Icon
    • Exotic Ruinous Effigy Ornament (700 Silver)
  • Conscripted
    • Exotic Traveler’s Chosen Ornament (700 Silver)
  • Drowned in Strife
    • Exotic Witherhoard Ornament (700 Silver)
  • Roar of the Wyrm
    • Exotic Whisper of the Worm Ornament (700 Silver)
  • Homesteader
    • Exotic Xenophage Ornament (700 Silver)
  • Fancy Footwork
    • Legendary Multiplayer Emote (800 Silver)
  • Arc Charge
    • Legendary Warlock Emote (500 Silver)
  • Arc Clap
    • Legendary Titan Emote (500 Silver)
  • Arc Spin
    • Legendary Hunter Emote (500 Silver)
  • Joke Bang
    • Legendary Emote (500 Silver)
  • Fancy Hat Roll
    • Legendary Emote (500 Silver)
  • No Signal
    • Legendary Emote (500 Silver)
  • At Wits’ End
    • Rare Emote (200 Silver)
  • Embarrassed
    • Rare Emote (200 Silver)
  • Sassy Hair Flip
    • Rare Emote (200 Silver)
  • Here I Am
    • Rare Emote (200 Silver)
  • Season of the Splicer Projections Bundle
    • Legendary Package (300 Silver)
  • Atheon Projection
    • Legendary Ghost Projection (200 Silver)
  • Splicer Gauntlet Projection
    • Legendary Ghost Projection (200 Silver)
  • Infinity Door Projection
    • Legendary Ghost Projection (200 Silver)
  • Vitreous Entrance
    • Legendary Transmat Effect (200 Silver)
  • Harpy Entrance
    • Legendary Transmat Effect (200 Silver)

It looks like Season of the Splicer is shaping up to be Season of the Silver purchasing for me, because I can’t control myself and I need to own every single one of these available items. I’m personally loving all of these new additions to the cosmetic side of the game, I only wish that they were available to earn in the game, rather than purchase with real world currency. However, that’s not going to stop me from getting my hands on the Sovereign Signal Ornament for the Exotic Warlock Helmet, Crown of Tempests, or the Hive themed Ornaments for the Exotic Grenade Launcher, Witherhoard, and the Exotic Sniper Rifle, Whisper of the Worm, because both of those Ornaments look absolutely incredible.

I’m currently writing this as I wait for the “honeydew” errors to subside on the launch day of Season of the Splicer, and it looks like everyone else is taking to viewing the Collections as they sit in Orbit, patiently waiting for the next step in the “Beneath the Great Machine” quest to progress further into the Seasonal story and help Mithrax on his journey to protect the rest of House of Light. Along with many other players, I’ve been sat in Orbit now for a solid two hours, and it looks like it’s only getting worse as maintenance was extended by a few more hours. So, if the seasonal offerings in Season of the Splicer are any sign of what’s to come in Destiny 2, I would say that we’re in for a treat as soon as the servers are back up and running.

The one good thing that’s come from this period of endless Orbit is that we now know for sure of some returning weapons like the Exotic Fusion Rifle, Vex Mythoclast, due to Bungie adding the Ornament for the gun into the game before Vault of Glass releases. While we were all pretty much expecting this to be the case, since the weapon was the Raid Exotic from Destiny 1’s Vault of Glass Raid, it’s nice to know that we have confirmation that the gun will be returning when Vault of Glass drops in Destiny 2 on May 22.

All I know is that I won’t be able to look at another honeydew the same way for the rest of my life.

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