Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman Did Not Support Maya Hawke’s Acting Career at First

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Maya Hawke is a famous young lady. Not only does she play the amazing Robin in the hit show Stranger Things, but she is also a musician. Her resume is quite impressive, but we imagine she’s run the course of hearing the phrase nepotism from time to time. She is, after all, the daughter of famous actress Uma Thurman and actor Ethan Hawke. There’s that famous last name, right? But, unlike other actresses whose parents go out on a limb and give them acting jobs and give them a leg up in the acting game, Maya Hawke’s parents did not. In fact, they made it clear to their daughter from a young age that they would not allow her to become an actress as a child. They weren’t doing it, but she still did it herself. Are Maya Hawke’s parents supportive of her career?

Growing Up the Daughter of Famous Celebrities

She is hardly the only child in Hollywood to grow up with two exceptionally famous parents who were the biggest couple on earth until they were not. Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman were the biggest celebrity couple of the nineties when they began dating, got married, and had their kids. Then their marriage ended, and their lives changed. There were more than a few instances when their family was in the press even after their divorce was finalized for years. For example, when Ethan Hawke married his current wife in 2008. Despite the fact that his divorce from Thurman was final in 2005, the world was shocked because he did marry the children’s nanny.

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It’s a lot growing up the child of two famous people, but she’s not alone. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are equally famous and have kids. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s kids know the feeling. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have kids. Tom Brady and Gisele have kids. The list goes on and on. Though some of those famous kids are still too young to know what they want, they are going to figure it out eventually. The press, the interviews, and the paparazzi follow them all the time. Maya Hawke grew up constantly seeing her mother and father’s names in the press, and the things she saw did not always paint a good picture. Growing up the child of celebrities is not easy, and they did not want their daughter in the same life.

Maya Hawke’s Parents Did Not Support an Acting Career

When she was growing up, her parents did not want to see their children in the limelight. They did not want their kids to act. They wanted them to grow up, become strong adults, and create a life for themselves. According to Maya Hawke, “They didn’t want to cart me along every red carpet or have me do bit-parts in their movies,” and it seems that they made this decision together. Despite not being married to one another, Hawke’s mother and father put their kids first – always. They agreed that acting was something their kids could decide upon as adults, but they would not allow their own careers to set the tone for the kids.

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They refused to bring their daughter into this life until she was an adult. Why? It seems that they wanted her to grow up first. They wanted her to learn who she was. The parents of Maya Hawke wanted a daughter who was secure in herself, mature enough to handle what was being thrown at her, and someone who could deal with the limelight. They didn’t want to raise a child on camera and ended up seeing the damage it could do. After all, it’s not a Hollywood secret that many child stars grow up with serious issues.

Do Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman Support Their Daughter Now?

Maya Hawke is in her 20s now. She was born in July 1998, which means she’s 24 as of 2022, and she’s clearly capable of making her own decisions. And she is doing just that. Fans want to know, though, if her parents support her now or if this is something they don’t do. Thankfully for Maya Hawke, her mom and dad very much support her career. She’s an adult who can choose her own path, and they are proud of her. They didn’t use their power to get her here, either, which meant she had to earn it on her own. It’s likely this makes it all the more important to both her and her parents. Kids who earn and work for what they have better understand the importance of it.

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