Emma Stone’s Cruella Prequel Lands a Sequel and a Raise

Emma Stone’s Cruella Prequel Lands a Sequel and a Raise
Emma Stone’s Cruella Prequel Lands a Sequel and a Raise

Credit: Cruella

The world paid attention when Emma Stone’s Cruella was released in 2021. The live-action remake of the Disney classic movie 101 Dalmations focused on the life and times of Cruella De Vil, which was sensational. However, some critics found Emma Stone’s Cruella too likable regarding the sympathy her backstory garnered. Others thought Emma Stone’s portrayal of Cruella was so fantastic, dark, and twisted that she would be nominated for an Academy Award. She was not nominated for this role shocked many of us. Emma Stone’s Cruella was genius. Fortunately, she’s back again. Emma Stone’s Cruella is getting its sequel – and we cannot wait to watch it. What do we know about the second installment of Cruella’s story?

The Sequel Was Inevitable

First and foremost, we all saw it coming when we watched Cruella in 2021. It is the prequel to the original story – which was live-action made with Glenn Close – and it was phenomenal. For those who haven’t watched Emma Stone’s Cruella, we have a quick synopsis for you. The movie is the story of how Cruella came to be who she is. She is actually a little girl called Estella whose mother was brutally murdered in front of her by the Baroness, who is actually Estella’s birth mother. No one saw this coming, but it was the right story to tell.

Long story short, when the Baroness kills Estella in front of all the witnesses at a party by pushing her over the same cliff she had her other mother pushed off of and killed, Estella knew it would come. She then faked her death and returned as Cruella as her birth mother was arrested. At this point, she was on the verge of evil, but she hadn’t quite crossed that threshold.

In fact, the movie ends with Cruella taking over the life of the Baroness with all of her riches and many things. She also took over the dogs, who had some puppies. The Baroness loved a Dalmatian, and she traveled everywhere with hers. Their puppies, darling and sweet, were then given away. Cruella, thankful for the help her friends Anita and Roger gave her throughout this movie, gave each a puppy. Their names are, you guessed it, Perdita and Pongo. If you’ve ever watched 101 Dalmatians, you know these are the dog parents who give birth to their 101 pups. So, naturally, the story wasn’t ending there.

Emma Stone’s Cruella Prequel Lands a Sequel and a Raise

Credit: Cruella

Is Emma Stone Coming Back as Cruella?

As a matter of fact, she is. She’s also the only confirmed cast member of the new movie, which has not been filmed and has no rumored release date. She’ll be back, and she’s confirmed. We know this because she scored a massive payday for this second role. When the second Cruella was announced in 2021, it was also announced that she would take on a pay increase. Emma Stone’s Cruella earned her a paycheck of $8 million. She reportedly signed on for a low eight-figure paycheck. Low eight, however, could mean anything from $10 million to $40 million, in our opinion. We do not know the exact figure, but we’d guess between $10 and $20 million.

The Rest of the Cast

To our knowledge, no one else has been signed on and officially announced. However, if we had to guess who is returning, we’d immediately start with Jasper and Horace, who Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser played. They’re her sidekicks, so they’ll be back. The actress and actor who play Anita and Roger must return, right? That’s Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Kayvan Novak. They raise the sweet dogs given to them by Cruella herself, so they have to return.

Finally, we do predict we will see more of the heinous and awful Baroness. She’s so masterfully played by the amazing Emma Thompson. She’s in prison, but we have a feeling she is going to come back to exact revenge on the daughter she tried to kill not once but twice. Perhaps this story could end up a full circle for all.

Emma Stone’s Cruella Prequel Lands a Sequel and a Raise

Credit: Cruella

At the moment, we have no additional information as far as Emma Stone’s Cruella sequel is concerned. Considering the fact that there is only one confirmed cast member signed on to take a role – and that is, of course, Emma Stone as Cruella – it’s unlikely that filming has begun. Some believe the movie might hit theaters in 2023, but that does seem a bit ambitious for a film with no reported cast. We aren’t even sure if there is a script for this one yet. Alas, we will bring that information to you when we have details regarding this film. Cruella

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