Did Elizabeth Olsen’s Avengers Costume Take Hollywood a Step Back?

Did Elizabeth Olsen’s Avengers Costume Take Hollywood a Step Back?

Did Elizabeth Olsen’s Avengers Costume Take Hollywood a Step Back?

Everybody that has seen some of the Marvel superhero movies is probably familiar with Elizabeth Olsen. After all, the Scarlet Witch is one of the most important characters in the current Marvel universe. With that being said, she’s recently indicated in some interviews that she’s not exactly happy with the way her costume fits. It isn’t that she doesn’t like the costume in and of itself, but she feels like it shows far too much cleavage for fans to take her character seriously.

It’s apparent that she struggles with the whole idea. She mentions in the interview that other female cast mates have costumes that cover them up far better than her own. With that being said, she also mentioned the fact that she believes that to some degree, Marvel is trying to honor the stories that originated in the comic books. In those stories, her character actually wore far less, amounting to little more than a leotard. While she definitely has more than that going for her, she’s still not exactly happy with the situation.

She’s hoping that over time, the individuals involved with these movies will allow her character to develop and as such, that her wardrobe will develop as well. She really wants to be taken seriously for her ability to portray the character and she wants people to remember the character, not the cleavage. This is something that really does bother her and it seems to be on her mind more often than not.

While she’s not exactly happy with what she’s asked to wear when shooting these movies, she also makes it a point to let fans know that she’s not criticizing the individuals involved with the Marvel superhero movies in any way. This is a time when women are being very vocal about a lot of things in movies and other areas of business. She makes it a point to let her opinion be known that Marvel has thus far done a good job of creating some dynamic female characters who are perfectly capable of holding their own against any of the male characters. This hasn’t traditionally been the case in most areas of life for women, so she sees this as a positive step forward.

She’s hoping that the producers of these movies will take that progressive attitude a step or two further and create a new costume design for her that isn’t quite as attention-getting as the one that she has had in previous movies. She seems to think that in doing so, it would allow her character to grow and develop in new ways, largely because she would be able to portray that character in an even more in-depth fashion when she’s not concerned about issues related to the costume.

Does this mean that she’ll end up having a new costume in the next movie? Nobody really knows the answer to that question yet. In all likelihood, even she won’t know the answer to that question until they actually start shooting new scenes. Until then, all she can really do is make her opinion known and then hope for the best, which she has done. From this point forward, the ball really is in the court of the producers.

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