Dune’s Sandworms Are Set For A Wild Scene In Part Two

Dune’s Sandworms Are Set For A Wild Scene In Part Two
Dune’s Sandworms Are Set For A Wild Scene In Part Two

Frank Herbert‘s science fiction epic Dune has captivated readers and viewers for more than half a century, and its recent adaptation by Denis Villeneuve is continuing the story’s legacy. The first instalment of the film, released in 2021, introduced audiences to the desolate yet mesmerizing world of Arrakis, where noble houses, religious factions, and indigenous tribes clash over the most valuable resource in the universe: spice, a drug that extends life and enhances senses which are key for intergalactic travels. Among the many wonders and perils of Arrakis are its colossal Sandworms, immense creatures that roam the wasteland and produce the highly coveted spice. 

In the first part, the Sandworms had very little screen time, but from the film’s trailer, in the second part of Villeneuve’s production, this is going to change. These mammoths of Arrakis will be featured in their full glory. From their monstrous size to their ecological role, these creatures are a fascinating aspect of the Dune universe. Their appearance in the upcoming film is guaranteed to be some of the key highlights of the entire film. 

Paul Atreides is Expected to Prove Himself by Riding One

Dune’s Sandworms Are Set For A Wild Scene In Part Two

When the Dune: Part One end, Paul Atreides, who is the heir of Leto Atreides, has run into the Arrakis desert with his mother away from the Harkonnese, who killed his father and to join the Fremen, the natives of the planet. He decides to bring peace to the planet just as his father had desired. To be fully accepted by the Fremen, Atreides needs to prove himself and the only way to do this is to climb a Sandworm and ride it. From the trailer, he is successful at this attempt which is met with riotous applause and looks of awe. 

Atreides’ successful mount of a Dune Sandworm does not just show that he belongs with the Fremen, it is also a sign that he is ready to defeat the men that killed his father and claim victory for his family. The Sandworms make the spice that rules the world and if he can control them, then he might be able to control the whole world, which will pose a problem for the person currently in power, Shaddam IV. 

The Sandworms Serve a Divine Purpose

Dune Two Sandworms

The Sandworms go by different names in the Dune universe. The Fremen call them Shai-Hulud, or Old Man of The Desert. These names are representative of the Fremen’s divine interpretation of the Sandworms. The natives of Arrakis believe that the Sandworms are a manifestation of the divine and as such, treat them with reverence and respect. This is why they are only hunted when necessary and are only sought after for very specific purposes. 

Sandworms might provide a spiritual purpose to the Fremen but in the galaxy, they are the sole producers of spice. This makes them a crucial element of the galactic economy and politics, as well as the ecology of Arrakis. They are one of the most important parts of the entire Dune story and Paul Atriedes riding one means a lot not just for him as a character, but for the overall story. 

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