The Five Least Comfortable Superhero Costumes in Movies

The Five Least Comfortable Superhero Costumes in Movies

The Five Least Comfortable Superhero Costumes in Movies

The effects that are used when making superheroes look cool manage to give a lot of credibility to a good number of movies even if they don’t impress the critics. But despite looking good, or not, some of the suits that superhero’s have to wear on set are bound to be insanely uncomfortable since when going for realism the unfortunate truth is that even those folks that are in great shape are going to find that some of the suits are downright uncomfortable. This can be due to the materials that are used, the fact that as great as their shape is the costumes are still going to be insanely tight to show off their physique, or it can be due to the weather conditions on set. Whatever the case, a lot of costumes have been said to be an absolute nightmare for several actors that have had to take on the various roles that have called for such prostheses over the years. Some aren’t quite as bad as others but there are times when one can feel sorry for some actors since their costars might get an outfit that’s nice and loose and not form-fitting, while they’re sweating away in latex and rubber that’s not exactly designed to let the body breathe as it’s supposed to. But for the sake of the audience and making the movie, a lot of actors have gone on to suffer for as long as they need to in order to get the job done and make it as impressive as it can be.

Here are a few of the most uncomfortable costumes that actors have had to wear.

5. Silk Spectre – Watchmen

Malin Ackerman gave an account of her time on the Watchmen set by telling what it was like to wear the latex outfit of Silk Spectre and what she had to say wasn’t that flattering but it might make you watch the movie with a little more cringe. The skin-tight outfit wasn’t exactly built for comfort despite the fact that it showed off her figure in a very big way. Plus, the smell was apparently so bad that she couldn’t wait to get it off at the end of the day. She even likened it to the smell one gets from a condom, which might sour a person to the movie in a small way since just the idea of such a thing, especially when it gets hot and sweaty, is kind of disturbing.

4. Black Panther – Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman, and his stunt double no less, are to be commended since the suit they had to wear was hot, uncomfortable, didn’t allow them to scratch certain itches that might have made things a little more reasonable. There is a rumor that’s likely well-founded that the stuntman for Boseman was actually nodding off while on set in the suit at one point as one of his fellow stuntmen noticed this and realized that the stunt double was close to dehydration. Likely as not Chadwick suffered through this same need to stay hydrated as thankfully the stuntman was taken care of and everything turned out okay.

3. Hellboy – Hellboy

Pretty much everything on Ron Perlman was a prosthetic since from his red skin to his horns and to his massive right hand everything had to be applied constantly and as one can imagine, it was stifling quite a bit of the time. It’s believed that Perlman didn’t sign up for another movie due largely to the makeup process, which took upwards of seven hours or more. Could anyone blame the guy? That’s a lot of time to stand there and let people apply stuff to your body, though he did enjoy being Hellboy it sounds like. If only a new process could be used to apply everything, maybe he would have said yes one more time.

2. The Thing – Fantastic Four

The upside of this ordeal is that Michael Chiklis did enjoy making the Fantastic Four movies, he just didn’t enjoy the process of becoming Ben Grimm, aka the Thing. The application of the suit that he had to wear was downright uncomfortable and took quite a bit of time to get right, as it’s been with many suit that takes up such a big portion of an actor’s body. Whether he had to go full body or not is hard to say but it would almost appear not since his legs and lower half were covered up rather consistently and might have just needed a bit of padding.

1. Mystique – X-Men

Whether it’s Jennifer Lawrence or Rebecca Romjin there’s really no way to top this since both women had to undergo a great deal of time and effort to make these costumes happen, though by the time Jennifer came around things were changing. Rebecca was essentially naked on set despite being covered in several areas by heavy makeup, whereas Jennifer was eventually given the advantage of a bodysuit to speed things up. What was once an eight-hour process was taken down to seven, then to three at max. Yes, Mystique was a villain at one point, but she become a hero, plus, you’ve got to give props to these women for what they put up with.

Actors do suffer a bit for their roles, there’s no denying that.

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