Five Great Movies to Watch During Rosh Hashanah

Translated Rosh Hashanah means “head of the year” or in easier and more widely understood terms it is the beginning of the Jewish year. This commemorates the inclusion of humanity into God’s world, which means this is seen as the anniversary when Adam and Eve were created. It’s a very important holiday in the Jewish culture and not one to be trivialized in any way, but there are movies that seem as though they’d be good choices to make during this holiday. Throughout cinema there are plenty of movies that have to do with and depict Jewish culture in many different ways, some good, some tragic, but almost all in a way that is at least indicative of Jewish culture in some way. The movies listed below all have a certain reason why they would be good films to watch for Rosh Hashanah

These are just a few, but they’re some of the best that could be watched over the holiday.

5. Schindler’s List

This is the story of a man that was looking to make his fortune but when he witnessed the horrors of what was being done to the Jewish people he had a change of heart and could no longer think of his profits, only the people that were needlessly suffering. Schindler did much to insure that as many people as possible were allowed to escape, but in the end he still felt as though he didn’t do nearly enough. The guilty conscience he felt was not entirely warranted, though he continuously insisted that he could have done more, that he could have bartered for more people to be freed. Sometimes just one is all you need to change the world.

4. Annie Hall

Just about any film by Woody Allen would be deemed a great one to watch during this holiday to be honest but this is without a doubt one of his best. The movie is for the most part about Alvy and Annie and why their relationship doesn’t seem to work out. For whatever reason they continue to try and things just don’t go the way they want them to. Relationships are a tricky thing sometimes and need to be evaluated, looked at, pored over, and worked at as much as possible, but not if they’re going nowhere with each attempt. Sometimes it’s just best to say that it’s over and move on so people can get on with their lives.

3. The Prince of Egypt

The liberation of the Hebrews is a great story pretty much anytime since it’s a gripping and powerful tale of freedom after generations of persecution that many still dispute. Some will say that the cruelty of the Egyptians was largely overplayed, while others will state that the Hebrews stayed of their own volition. The popular tale however speaks of the freedom that an entire people desired and the denial that was expressed by the Pharaoh when it was demanded that he let the people go. There are many ways to spin this story but few of them manage to make the Egyptians look all that great.

2. Robin Hood: Men in Tights

You might be a little confused by this one but first of all let’s remember that it was created by Mel Brooks and even starred Mel Brooks. Plus, instead of Friar Tuck we got Rabbi Tuckman, who went into the importance of the sacramental wine. The film is campy of course and is over the top silly but it’s still one of the better Brooks movies that’s been made and it offers a lot of laughs that aren’t meant to be insulting but instead jovial and all in the name of fun. As far as movies go this one is great at just about any time of the year, including this holiday. Plus, Brooks is just hilarious no matter when you watch him.

1. The Ten Commandments

This is counted as one of Charlton Heston’s finest moments since it does tell of the tale of how Moses parted the Red Sea and gives rise to the legend that has inspired many people throughout history. Biblical tales always seem to grip people in just the right way, making it certain that they’ll sit up and pay attention as the movies speak to them in various ways that are different for each person and convey something new to every ear and eye that experiences it. The tale of Exodus is one that many people have enjoyed for a very long time as it speaks of freedom and the need to be unrestrained, to follow one’s own destiny wherever it might lead.

Just like a lot of holidays Rosh Hashanah is on its way very soon and is no doubt being anticipated by a lot of those within Jewish communities throughout the nation. Hopefully each and every person that partakes will remember just what the holiday is for.

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