10 Things You Didn’t Know about DonJuan Clark

10 Things You Didn’t Know about DonJuan Clark

10 Things You Didn’t Know about DonJuan Clark

The name Don Juan is well known, but do you know DonJuan Clark? If you don’t, you probably aren’t watching too much reality television. He’s the guy who works closely with one of the most famous former singers turned reality television stars turned business owners in the world. He works closely with none other than Kandi Burruss, but he is not her assistant. That’s the role he’s been stuck with in the public eye, but he is so much more than her assistant. In fact, he’s a business owner, he’s an entrepreneur, and he is a handsome man who does good work. The world wants to know more about him, so we are going to do what we can to figure out who he is, what he’s up to, and how he is so famous.

1. He Works for Kandi Burruss

He’s the man who makes the reality star’s life much easier. He is the GM of her brand, Kandi Koated Entertainment, and he’s the man who makes the decisions, runs the business, and makes sure she’s able to be the face and do what needs doing while the details are finalized and cared for.

2. He’s Got a Nickname

Some know him as Right Hand. He is often referred to as Kandis’ Right Hand Man, and that’s what they call him. They spend a great deal of time together because of their line of work, and he is invaluable to her. He’s proved himself time and time again, and this means that he is going to continue to do what he can to make her life easier.

3. He’s German

He’s a German man who is living and working in the states. The situation, however, is not something we are overly familiar with. We know that he is German, but we don’t know specifically where he is from in Germany or how old he is.

4. He Went to College

What we do know is that he’s been here for some time. This businessman graduated college at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and he uses his degree. He’s put his education to good work, and it shows.

5. He is Doing Well

He’s a man who has an impressive net worth of almost $1 million. He’s earned it through his business work, his business education, and his many different hats. He is doing a lot with Kandi, but it seems she is not his only client and not the only job that he has when he is at work.

6. He is a Business Owner

There are many who mistakenly consider him the assistant to the reality star, but he is more than that. He’s got his own business. In fact, he’s got three of his own businesses. He’s a man who has a lot on his plate, and he is not afraid to work hard. He’s also not afraid to delegate. He owns a company called The New Meaning Brand, My Right-Hand Business Solutions, and The Don Entertainment Company.

7. He is Energetic

He has to be, though, to do what he does on a daily basis. He’s a man who has a lot going on, and he has to have the energy to take care of all of it and make it all work on his behalf. He is non-stop, and we have a feeling that no one in the business world as successful as he is can have a lower level of energy.

8. He is Active Online

One way that he is able to connect with his business followers is through social media. He doesn’t miss a chance to connect, either. He is constantly online. He has more than 160k followers on Instagram, for example, and he has almost 10k posts of his own. He’s exceptionally active online.

9. He is Into Inspirational Quotes

The other thing about him that many people don’t realize is that he loves an inspirational quote. They give him good feelings, and he is fond of sharing those with his followers online. You can follow his social media accounts to see what we mean.

10. He is Private

The other thing you should know about him is that he keeps his private life to himself. He’s not sharing anything about his life with anyone who is outside of his inner circle. If we had to guess, though, we might just assume he doesn’t have that much time to socialize with all of his business ventures and his endeavors.

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