Dollhouse 2.11 “Getting Closer” Recap

Okay, so I am still picking shards of glass out of my face after ramming my head into the TV screen after that slap of a reveal from Dollhouse last night. Are you as tripped out as I am? I hope so. Well not to the point of hurting yourself. That would be bad… But anyway. Speechless does NOT justify what I witnessed last night. The danger is near and bodies are starting to pile up and no one is safe. Especially when the ultimate double cross is at hand.

Okay, last shard out! Let’s begin the recap!!!

The Set Up

Three Years Earlier

So we start out three years into the past with Caroline tricking a poor, horny security guard into letting her into Adele’s office. It is here where Caroline finds files on her and of Bennett Halverson (special guest star Summer Glau), which she promptly takes. But before leaving she discovers security video feed of the Dollhouse and she is instantly intrigued.

In the Now

We pick up right where we left off last week with the whole gang in attendance, discussing bring back Caroline. Echo doesn’t want to do it, but is set on Caroline being the key to salvation and identifying Clyde’s partner, aka the Head of Rossum. Ivy brings up the possibility of Caroline taking over Echo’s personalities, which as Topher so eloquently puts it, is like someone returning to their house filled with strangers having a wild party. The group decide that’s a chance that they are willing to take and set up the Imprint Chair for Echo to receive Caroline. But there is a problem.

Caroline’s Imprint Wedge is missing.

Excuse me?

With The Help Of Old “Friends”

Three Years Earlier

We witness Caroline meeting Bennett for the first time after Caroline steps in and saves Bennett from two vapid females.

In the Now

Echo watches the video footage of Caroline that Alpha was watching back in season one. Adele walks in and comments on Caroline’s true character, which was an idealist and in Adele’s eyes worse than evil. Echo tells Adele that she didn’t take the wedge, which Adele admits she thought Echo did, but only for a second.

Ivy (guest star Liza Tapira), on the other hand, thinks Echo’s the culprit, which Topher (and I) think is stupid after Echo’s Attic adventures where she got the idea of retrieving Caroline in the first place. But the most interesting thing is what these two are plotting to do. They connect a cable to the Imprint Chair and ghost connect to the Washington D.C. Dollhouse where they Imprint a Doll to capture and hold Bennett, while Anthony and Paul come and extract her. During the extraction, Paul sees Madeline as a Doll, eating in the D.C. Dollhouse cafeteria. Paul tells Anthony that they can’t leave yet…

Once they get back to the L.A. Dollhouse, Bennett nitpicks how the Adele runs her Dollhouse, before declaring that Adele would be gone before she could make any changes. Adele sweetly tells Bennett that she can be either treated as a guest or a prisoner; and if Bennett knew what was good for her, then she would match her thinking with the fact that she is in another ballpark. It could make things easier on everyone.

Then things get hilariously funny when Topher literally trips over himself when he is reunited with Bennett, who wants to press charges on Topher for knocking her out. Aww… Aren’t they cute?

Adele fumes over Paul’s decision to bring Madeline/November into the fold and orders an immediate lockdown of the house. Meanwhile, Echo tries to console Paul, who wonders if you are ever truly all right after being implanted and a Doll.

The lab gets hot and heavy in nerd talk as Topher tells Bennett to rebuild the broken wedge of Caroline. But after Topher apologizes for knocking Bennett on her ass, he goes in for a kiss, which is stopped by Bennett’s question of who are they trying to resurrect. Topher stalls until Echo steps into the frame. Uh-oh…

Flashback: Three years earlier

Caroline and Bennett bond over washing Bennett’s hair. It’s typical girl time, but it is also Bennett’s first day on her job at Rossum. Caroline looks worried that she is using the poor girl, but looks can be deceiving with this bunch…

Back in the Now…

Boyd returns to his apartment and tells DR. SAUNDERS!!!!! (guest star Amy Acker) that is time for her to go back to the Dollhouse, because Adele is about to implement the lockdown. He then asks her if she is scared, which Saunders replies not anymore. They then share a passionate kiss!!!!

The Stakes Are Raised

At the Dollhouse, Echo asks Topher what did he do to Paul, which implies the Imprint job. Topher, who is trying to nurse a busted lip courtesy of Bennett, explains to Echo that there were two areas that he needed to reconstruct Paul’s brain pattern; one that would have him retain all his memories, but left him a vegetable and the other being his fresh memories, which included his time (and feelings) with Echo. This is when Saunders and Boyd walk into the medical room, clueing Topher and Echo in on their involvement. Adele then asks Topher where is Bennett and notices Saunders. We are then thrown back to a memory of Adele’s.

Flashback: Three Years Earlier…

Adele tells the real Dr. Saunders to tend to Whiskey, because she is their #1. Dominic (guest star Reed Diamond) then stops and fills Adele in on the break in of her office and that Caroline was behind it. He also fills her in on what was stolen (the files) and the two decide to keep the news to themselves. They also plan a trip to Tucson, Arizona, which is where Caroline and Bennett are roommates at a university and the location of Rossum Corp.

In the dorm room, Bennett confronts Caroline about the files she found of them in the closet and Caroline tries to defend her actions by explaining the evils of Rossum Corp. But Bennett doesn’t care about that, because she thought Caroline was her friend. Caroline is amazed that Bennett is not mad at being used. But the jaw dropper for me is when Bennett explains that she is mad that Caroline doesn’t use her!!! Wow…. This is when Caroline nonchalantly asks Bennett if she wants to help blow up a building… Nice.

Back in the Now…

Echo stares at Bennett through a two way mirror. Boyd walks in and Echo voices her concerns about Caroline possibly kicking her out of consciousness. Boyd gives Echo the Giles/Buffy speech as he tells her that she is strong and that Caroline would be proud to know Echo for her tenacity. The two hug and it’s really a touching moment. He then informs her that the lockdown is about to happen now. She asks for a few more minutes and runs off. We find that she has went to go get Priya and Anthony (who claim to have felt like fifth wheels by not doing anything) only to let them go. She tells them that they have to get away and if they so happen to lose their way back then so be it. Before Echo goes back into the Dollhouse, she runs into Dominic, who has escaped the Attic with news that Clyde is dead and Rossum is on to them all. AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!

The group brings Dominic into the medical lab where they deliberate. Topher thinks that they are relying too much on what’s going on in the Attic “Matrix”. Adele isn’t taking any chances and orders that all the Actives be given back their original personalities and let go. She then announces that Echo and the Bunnymen are on their way to Tucson. I hope you got that joke/analogy…

Flashback: Three Years Earlier

Echo and Bennett enter Rossum Headquarters where they start to work on bringing down the building. Echo sets charges at strategically placed areas, but she comes across a lab not on the map. She enters the lab and is shocked to find various different human test subjects. She tells Bennett to leave the building, but it’s too late as the charges go off.

Back in the Now

Adele orders for Dominic to be put back in the Attic, despite Saunders’ recommendation to be taken to a hospital. Echo sides with this decision, because they will need an inside man who can help with intel. Adele blows Paul’s circuits when she pulls her ace out of her pocket with November being Implanted with Mellie, Paul’s neighbor. “Mellie” tells Echo that Paul never gave up looking for her, which Echo replies that she knows.

Boyd announces silently to Adele that Ambrose is in the building and is all shades of pissed. They find Ambrose in Adele’s office with two goons and he wants Adele to go with them as her control over the Dollhouse is finished.

But Adele has something for their ass. Boyd takes out the two goons and Ambrose with three shots, but suffers a shot to the gut himself!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

The Ultimate Ultimate ULTIMATE BETRAYAL!!!!!

Three Years Earlier

Caroline runs to Bennett and tells her to lie like she was working late and someone broke in. Basically giving Bennett a way out, because Caroline wanted to be caught herself and didn’t want Bennett to suffer whatever punishment that was coming. But it is Adele and Dominic who capture Caroline, but they are then ordered to send her to The Man Behind The Curtain Upstairs.

In the Now…

Echo bursts into the interrogation room that holds Bennett and demands the mad scientist to bring Caroline back. Bennett refuses at first, but relents after Echo offers Caroline to Bennett to do whatever she wants. Echo even offers to “hold her down”. It is that crucial, yall…

Adele tells Boyd that Ambrose probably has his personality Imprinted in other bodies and that the one he just shot might be a decoy. She tells Boyd to leave as she feels Ambrose in on what happened and that Saunders will be safe, because Boyd will be basically drawing the fire.

Topher finishes restoring all of the Actives original personalities and has to do Caroline last. When the two brainiacs start getting graphic with nerd talk, Echo leaves them alone.

Then we are treated to a scene originally from Epitaph One!!!! Boyd talks to Saunders about leaving and how she has to stay behind, becasue Echo is already in trouble and he doesn’t want Saunders in the line of fire. Saunders cries and says she wishes that they had more time. Hmmm….

As Bennett works on the wedge, Topher looks on in awe. Ivy leaves and the two love birds finally kiss and it’s hilarious, due to Topher’s busted lip. But why do I feel a sinking feeling in my stomach? Topher leaves to go get another tool and this is when Dr, Saunders walks in and admires that Topher finally got heart and is actually capable of living someone. Topher walks back in as Dr. Saunders puts a bullet in Bennett’s head!!!!


Blood shoots onto Topher’s shocked face and Dr.Saunders quietly, cooly, walks out.

Later, the remaining group finds Topher and Adele tries to get him to snap out of it. Everyone deduces that Rossum must have had Saunders and turned her into a sleeper agent. The building starts to beep and it is because the goons from Rossum are infiltrating the building. Topher snaps out of it and tells Ivy to run for her life and to not become him. Ivy doesn’t want to go, but ends up leaving just in time. Paul goes to get more weapons and Topher finishes rebuilding Caroline’s wedge. As they set up Echo for Imprinting, Topher suggests that Adele leave with Mellie, because “they need their General alive”. Topher begins the Imprint when a soldier walks in for the kill. Topher is knocked out and when the soldier raises his gun to shoot Echo, he gets his head snapped by BOYD!!!!! YEA! He came back!!!! Why is there a sinking feeling in my stomach? Boyd tells Echo to “hang on” as he holds her hand.

Flashback: Three Years Earlier

Caroline steps off the elevator and meets another version of Clyde, possibly Clyde 2.0. Then the most f’ed up moment of the year happens: Boyd steps from the shadows. HE’S Clyde’s partner!!!!!

My jaw hits the floor…

Caroline answers why her? And Boyd says because she is special and that she will not be like any of the other Dolls. Caroline asks if she should just trust them. Boyd says she will…with her life.

Heart shatters and my head goes into the TV!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT. THE. FRAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imprinted Thoughts

– What in God’s name just happened?!?!?! How?!?!??! Why!??!?! WHEN?!?!?!?

– Boyd is the other half of Rossum???? A part of me says that I shouldn’t have been shocked, but I can’t help but to be horrified at what I just witnessed! It slightly makes sense so far in some areas, but in others such as Saunders being brought back in and Boyd keeping her safe is the only thing that rings clear to me after the suicide inducing final scene. Everything else? Still trying to process it.

– Less Priya and Anthony. They need to fix that next week.

– Bennett dying came more as a shock, since I thought Bennett would manage to destroy the wedge. But when Saunders stepped into the room, my heat sunk cause I could just feel something was up since she isn’t stable in the mental department.

– Is Caroline really as evil as everyone is making her out to be? What is her role in all of this after we know that it was Boyd who sent her into the Dollhouse and it was Boyd who was her Handler? See my head is constantly spinning and its been a day since watching it…

– What do you guys think?!!??

I will see you guys next week. I still have shards of glass still in my face it seems….

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