Does it Seem Like Kevin Bacon Takes Almost Every Role He’s Offered?

Does it Seem Like Kevin Bacon Takes Almost Every Role He’s Offered?

Does it Seem Like Kevin Bacon Takes Almost Every Role He’s Offered?

Some might claim that Kevin Bacon just really likes acting, but there’s got to be a good reason that Tremors the TV show didn’t pick up again with Val McKee as the lead. If there is though Michael Kennedy of ScreenRant isn’t telling since there a lot of personal theories out there as to why it didn’t happen, but myself and a few others are breathing sighs of relief at the moment that it didn’t. The Tremors story has gone way off the rails at this point even if it was a logical thing to happen. Of course if you use logic to explain the graboids and why they’re JUST NOW coming to life in various parts of the world, as many theories have done, then you’ve already killed it. The story has run its course according to some folks, but to those that have been hooked on the Michael Gross-led movies that came after part 2 it’s just getting good, and might have gotten better had Bacon’s attempt at a new TV show been allowed to get up and run. Thankfully it didn’t, and this is coming from a fan of the original movie, where it should have ended. It could have even ended after the second one when Earl finally took off and been just fine, but nope, it just had to go on, and on, and on. Why though?

It can’t be the money since being married to Kyra Sedgwick and being worth $50 million makes it plain that they don’t really NEED the money. So what was it? Was his coming back to Tremors a play to revive something that he originally didn’t seem to care for? If that was the case then it would make him look like a Johnny-come-lately for the effort. To be fair this could have been a great movie to add to the growing collection, but as a TV series it feels as though it should have been a limited run or nothing since life with the graboids does tend to become tedious after a while considering that they’re kind of like the creatures from the movie Evolution, the moment you turn your back they’re evolving into something a little more complex and a little harder to deal with. Think of it this way, what we saw in the original Tremors was their infantile form, something that’s still lethal and needs to feed but is just the beginning. As they grew they evolved, they changed, and as a result they kept throwing curve balls at those they were hunting. Eventually it didn’t matter if a person was on concrete or not, there were graboids that could get you pretty much anywhere.

But why in the world did Kevin come back to the idea? That’s still a mystery since it feels as though he might have been better off staying away at this point unless he was feeling up to making another movie, not a series. And yes, Burt Gummer would have fallen just a notch like it or not, no matter what fans of Michael Gross would have thought or what Justin Harp of Digital Spy and many others have to say. Val and Earl were the first ones to alert the town of Perfection to the graboid threat after all, in an indirect way, and they were the most active participants when it came to sorting out just what was going on. Burt definitely took over the movies, but that’s largely because he was the one that was pushed after Val and Earl were gone and the movies needed a viable lead. His over the top style was great since it allowed for him to keep moving ahead, even if the movies should have ended before he had the chance. At this point in his career it does appear that Kevin Bacon just likes being on screen, which could mean that he has a serious passion for acting or is a glory hound. Either way he’s usually pretty entertaining and manages to turn in a great part no matter what he’s in.

It could be that the actor is turning in as many roles as he can just to pad his resume a bit and confirm his legacy, but that would be kind of a silly reason for showing up as much as he does, or returning to a franchise that he had misgivings about to begin with. It really does feel as though he just wants to be on screen and act, whatever his reasoning is, and so far he’s done just that and he’s made a good effort at it. While I still firmly believe that the Tremors franchise needs to stop at some point it’s enough to say that I’m glad it was started to begin with since Earl and Val are still fun to watch to this day.

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