Do Movie Stars Actually Live in Trailers While Filming?

Trailers are typically for the stars of the movie to relax in while filming, and it’s typical that they spend their downtime in them but don’t necessarily live in these trailers. Some actors have their own designated trailer while others might share one with a couple of other people. In any case, it’s often a place where the actors can go to chill out between takes and spend their time taking a breath, a nap, or doing anything that might keep them relaxed so that they’re relaxed and ready to go when it’s time to film again. Some of these trailers are quite lavish while others are fairly simple, depending on what the producers provide the stars. For some actors, it’s obvious that they’ll be given trailers that are nicer than some peoples’ homes, but again, this is up to the producer(s) of the movie. After all, if the movie in question has managed to land an actor that’s in high demand, the producers will want to keep that individual as happy as possible in order to keep them around. This often means acquiescing to demands and requests that the actor might have, which can include having their own trailer and various other demands that might be written into their contract. For many producers, the private trailer is a fairly standard addition, as it has become common sense to have space for the actor to utilize between takes so that they’re able to perform as best they can.

Technically an actor doesn’t live in their trailer, though they might experience an extended stay in the trailer depending on the filming schedule and the conditions that are being worked around when it comes to certain movies. For instance, if the filming site is located in a particularly hot area, many actors might be sequestered in an air-conditioned trailer to keep them away from the heat, while a colder climate might demand a heated trailer that can afford them the same type of comfort. For those that are wondering just how the rest of the cast and crew deal with the elements, well, they’re allowed to make do as well as they can a lot of times. Good producers and directors will make sure that their cast and crew are taken care of and given plenty of time to compose and gather themselves, but there are definitely times when the main actor of a movie will do the least amount of work since they’re the face of the movie and need to appear as impressive a possible, meaning they need plenty of rest and an environment in which they can stretch out in so as to keep themselves calm and composed between takes and the setting up of any and all equipment. On the flip side, there are main actors that work just as hard as anyone and might use the trailers or other accommodations when they’re truly tired and could benefit from a bit of downtime after putting in a hard day’s work.

Actors that do manage to work for their check are a little easier to respect since they’re typically the ones that are in the mix with the other cast members and even among the crew doing what they can to bolster morale and to ensure that a movie will be as impressive as it needs to be in order to wow the audience. It’s all dependent on how far the producer is willing to go for an actor and what they’ll decide to provide, but a lot of time the trailers that will be provided are moderate to nice since the comfort of the stars is something that needs to be taken into consideration since they’re obviously one of the biggest draws of the movie. Unfortunately, there are those stars that will use the trailer as a means of acting like a bit of a diva, and in some cases, they will hide out while trying to renegotiate their contracts or just because they’re not feeling up to the job at the moment. Thankfully this isn’t typical of a lot of movie stars since many know that their reputation hinges on being able to deliver when they’re expected to and will use the trailers as a means to relax and little else. A lot of people could likely admit that it would be great to have a place to go and just chill out when we need to, but many of us simply call those a break room that our fellow employees utilize as well. But then again, being a big star apparently comes with a lot of bonuses that producers are willing to lavish upon those that they deem as talented enough to warrant such an effort.

All in all a trailer is a giant break room for actors, and some are simply nicer than others depending on what the producer can and will provide.

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