The Most Disrespectful ESports Celebration after Street Fighter V Win

The Most Disrespectful ESports Celebration after Street Fighter V Win

If you don’t think ESports are real then this video will 100% prove otherwise.  Hundreds of people crowd around two guys who are facing off in battle.  The only difference between this battle is that they aren’t actually fighting each other.  They are controlling two characters in a video game who are fighting each other.  However, the same smack talk applies.  The same amount of “ohhhhhhh!!!” happens when one player pulls out a sick move against another and the crowd goes wild.  It’s absolutely real sports.    According to Uproxx

One of the best examples of this comes from a Street Fighter V competition on Saturday night in Atlanta, when a pair of rivals with prior beef (oh, yes, there’s gamer beef) went head-to-head and the resulting celebration from the winner is the single most disrespectful thing I think I have ever seen.

EG K-Brad defeated Wolfkrone 2-0 to advance in the tournament, with neither fight being particularly close. After winning he stands up, steps over his opponent with one leg, turns and stares into his face (talking his talk) from about two inches away for a solid 25 seconds. At one point, he helps take Wolfkrone’s headset off, sets it down, then turns back to get a little more.

You wanna talk about disrespect and talking smack?  I’d argue that this is even more fierce than most real life sports trash talking.  Wow.   Keep your eyes on the crowd in the background as they’re watching this.  It’s like witnessing an epic rap battle.

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