Disney Needs to Develop Darth Bane/Darth Zannah Series

Disney Needs to Develop Darth Bane/Darth Zannah Series

Disney Needs to Develop Darth Bane/Darth Zannah Series

One big question when it comes to Star Wars, a constant question, is which way is the franchise going to go now that the Skywalker legacy has been concluded, more or less. Some folks would love to see things go beyond the Jedi and Sith, while others disagree and state that the battle between the two Force-using factions tend to drive the universe in a big way, directly or indirectly. Another big question is whether or not we’ll start seeing more stories moving forward, or if the franchise will start exploring the past more often, since there is a great deal of lore that’s been created over the years, and much of it can still be deemed as canon since the fact that it came before the prequels would help to thread it into the overall story. The stories of how the Jedi and Sith came to be would be easy to incorporate into the current canon, and to be fair, it would be kind of frustrating if Disney allowed this chance to flesh out the franchise even further slip through their fingers. It wouldn’t be too surprising, but it would be something that fans would let them know about. 

The Rule of Two, as developed and handed down by Darth Bane, would go a long way toward building up the way things came to be under Palpatine, especially since seeing Darth Bane eliminate the Sith, or at least quite a few of them, would be kind of cool. It does feel that this would be better off as a limited series, or perhaps two movies set back to back would be the way to go, but it does feel as though Darth Bane and Darth Zannah would be a great idea when thinking up ways to continue the expansion of the Star Wars franchise. There are already plans that involve the High Republic, so it feels easy to think that going back further would be a great idea. It’s fair to say that the stories that have been written would be easy enough to interpret differently to avoid telling the same story. 

So long as the core of the story was held to, meaning the ascension of Bane and the apprenticeship of Zannah, it does feel as though the Rule of Two would be the only other tenet that might need to be followed, while everything else could be interpreted in several ways. There would be moments within the story that would be better if kept as it was written, such as the fact that Darth Bane was infested with the creatures known as orbalisks, large parasitic insects that fed on dark side energy. This was a large part of his character, and probably should be kept, along with the fact that he did outlast the Sith order of his time. There’s a lot of great material that can be used in a limited series like this, or even in one to two movies that would fit in nicely with the rest of the franchise. It would be great to see several characters join the franchise as they could round out the galaxy’s past. Between movies and series, Disney could cover everything from the beginning of the Jedi to the Hyperspace Wars. 

The question now is: do they want to? It’s already been seen since Disney purchased Lucasfilm that they’re going to do things their way because they happen to think that they know best. The thing about this is that even George Lucas couldn’t believe what he saw at times in the sequel trilogy, and it does feel fair that Lucas might have wondered what he’d done. Over the years it’s been heard that Lucas wants to work with Disney, that he doesn’t want to work with certain people, and that Star Wars is going to continue to change in numerous ways that fans agree with and also those that fans hope never happen. But when exploring the past of the franchise it feels easy to think that even Disney might be able to see the value of bringing these two characters into play, along with many others. 

Darth Revan, Malak, Bastila Shan, and many others, are names that people want to see on the big or small screen since their stories have been fun to read and to play in the various Star Wars games that have been released over the years. Darth Bane and Darth Zannah haven’t really been highlighted as much as many other characters, but it’s not tough to think of ways to do this and to hope that it will happen one of these days. Many would gladly state that Disney would no doubt botch the story as they’ve done to the overall franchise, but it’s worth thinking that it would be smart to give the Mouse House a chance with this one if they’re willing to take it. 

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