Disney is Developing a Frozen 2 Spinoff Series about Olaf

Disney is Developing a Frozen 2 Spinoff Series about Olaf

Before anyone gets too far ahead of themselves in wondering just how an Olaf-led spinoff series would possibly work it’s important to learn, as Sandy Schaeffer of Screenrant has written, that this is going to be a digital series intended to be several short episodes that people can watch at their leisure, not a full-blown episodic project or even a movie. Instead, Josh Gad will be recording all of his dialogue and sound effects from home while Hyrum Osmond will be taking care of the visual effects. Whether it’s because Disney figures they can make a few more dollars off of an Olaf spinoff or people are just that enamored of the magical little snowman he’s coming back and will be made available eventually so that people can keep experiencing the magic as much as they want. When it comes to being a sidekick though Olaf doesn’t really have the overall strength of character to pull an entire series by himself so it’s likely that this is why we’re seeing him in a series of shorts that will be launched to kind of keep the character alive. Whether or not it’s a prelude to another Frozen movie or just its own standalone as it would appear to be is hard to say since Disney doesn’t sound as though they’re completely sold on the whole idea of being done with Frozen.

That’s the biggest question when it comes to this entire story and everyone in it really, is will there be another one or is it bound to be over and done with. Plus, a question that tags along with that is whether or not Elsa will be given a girlfriend if the third movie is ever made. Christina Montford of the CheatSheet had something else to say about this subject. Right now there’s not a lot of hope that the third one will be brought out since considering the time it took between the first and second movies it could be a while until the concept for a third one was even brought to the table. Once Hollywood is out of lock down however and things can finally go back to what passes as normal, whenever that might be, it feels safe to say that the discussion might open up again. While some people might jump for joy, particularly the LGBTQ+ community, who really, REALLY want to see Elsa with a girlfriend, some folk might actually have ideas for other notable legends and movies that the Mouse House could open up with, as there’s no shortage of cultural tales out there to pull from or possible reboots to be made given all the material that Disney still has in the vault. Like it or not, one day there might be nothing left but rebooted material since the creative department surely takes their sweet time trying to come up with something new and imaginative.

Olaf is sure to make a lot of people smile upon coming back to digital but how long he’ll last is anyone’s guess since he’s best taken in small doses for some people given that carrying his own story just isn’t in his repertoire. Josh Gad has definitely shown himself to be a man of many talents but as Olaf it does feel fair to say that the bubbly, upbeat character can only go so far before he becomes a little too saccharine for the tastes of many. When paired with Anna and the rest of the group he’s a lot more tolerable since he’s not a central presence and he happens to come in when needed and fade out when his part is over and done with for the moment. In Frozen 2 he definitely had his moments when the comedy was settled firmly on his narrow, snowy shoulders, but apart from those fleeting moments of fun the story went in the direction it was meant to. When you look at the reality of it, Olaf is a creation within a creation that’s based on a legend that isn’t taken true to form thanks to the fact that this is Disney, and that’s just how things are done. He’s been a joy for a lot of people and is usually a pretty big highlight when he shows up at any given moment, but when it comes to being his own character, the shorter the presentation, the better.

As for the future of Frozen it’s really hard to say with any definitive voice at this time what’s bound to happen since there are a lot of fans that are wanting to see a part 3 and a lot that feel part 2 should be the end of it. We’ll have to wait and see if Disney holds fast and doesn’t worry too much about the possible money that might come from a third movie, or fold like a freshly laundered sheet and give into the wishes of those that actually want the third movie. George Chrysostomou of Screenrant has his own opinion on this matter.

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