Dig Season 1 Episode 10 Review: “Armageddon Protocol”

Dig Season 1 Episode 10 Review: “Armageddon Protocol”


Dig comes to a satisfying conclusion in its finale, which finally answers the question of whether or not Peter can save the world. However, this conspiracy still has one major plot twist the protagonist didn’t see coming.

Margrove’s reasons for meeting with Peter are genuine, as he has now realized the horrible mistake he made aligning himself with people who could start World War III. It’s a brief conversation, but as we know, it’s one which cost Golan Cohen his life. Peter is devastated when he finds his friend dead on the pavement, with only the name “Rebecca” written out in blood next to him, Golan’s last bread crumb for Peter to follow. It doesn’t help that there is an ominous looking Red Moon hanging over Jerusalem. Emma unintentionally gives Peter a clue to finding the last piece of the puzzle, the specific “Armageddon Protocol,” which would flood and destroy all of Jerusalem, including the Well of Souls and the Temple Mound. Though Emma puts on a good show of being hurt by Golan’s death, we all know that she is a murderer, and as it turns out, she was working with Margrove to get ancient treasure all along.

Yet still, Peter follows the trail to the underground tunnels, only to find explosives waiting for him. Unable to disable them, Peter does some quick thinking and realizes that he has no choice but to enact that protocol himself in order to stop the Order of Moriah, but he must make sure the water goes down a shaft away from the city. After being kidnapped and pulling off a crazy escape from her captors, Lynn manages to make it back into the city. She calls Peter and he instructs her about what needs to happen, and she realizes she needs help from a high ranking Israeli official, and can only hope he is not in on the conspiracy as well. She is caught by the ambassador, but the Israeli official believes Lynn, and so he enacts the protocol. In the meantime, Peter works to open the shaft, which will lead the water away from the city, and far away from the Temple Mound. Peter succeeds, the Temple is saved, and the U.S. ambassador is arrested.

Avram has been tasked with killing Josh 2.0, and it’s a good thing, too, because the little brat has turned on Billingham, acting like God himself. At first, Billingham is indignant, but then he starts talking about evil having entered Josh’s body. Therefore, Billingham believes this is a sign that God wants him to kill the red heifer himself. Fay cannot allow that to happen, and so he kills the pastor with a brief “Pity.” When the ceremony is ruined by the protocol’s effect, Avram steals back his “Red,” and everyone at the ceremony is arrested. Avram takes Red to live on a ranch with her own kind, and he chooses to leave his religion as well.

The world might be saved, but there is one more mystery Peter has yet to solve, that of the name Rebecca. After finding the open case file of Margrove’s colleague’s family’s death, Peter realizes that Emma is actually Rebecca Donaldson. It was her father who went crazy, and Margrove allowed his friend to die. For years, Rebecca has been planning on getting her revenge on Margrove, and she finally did. Rebecca specifically targeted Peter to stop the Order of Moriah while she took her revenge, but she is now crazy enough to believe that she and Peter could ride off into the sunset. Peter displays his strength by only pitying Rebecca and having her arrested before putting in for a transfer to anyplace else.

A fitting end to a satisfying limited series run.

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