Did you Know That NCIS Was Actually a Spinoff of Another Show?

It’s not exactly typical, but some spinoff shows can actually surpass the shows they came from and last longer and gain more support over the years. Some folks probably already know that NCIS was a spinoff from JAG, but there are plenty of people that don’t realize this for some reason. It could be that NCIS simply rose too fast for people to recall that it had in fact been started off on JAG in a fashion that would have required people to watch the show. At one time JAG was supposed to be more than a little popular, but its fame kind of went by the wayside quite a while ago, and NCIS took over in a big way. Since 2003 when it first came on the scene the show has been growing into the program it is now. While some folks kind of went their own way once certain stars exited from the show, others have managed to stay loyal to the main program for years now. Once the spinoffs to the main show started to come along, more fans started to drift as they either went with the spinoffs or just went on their way. For many years now NCIS has been a favorite of many people since it is a fun show and the acting is easy to get into since the cast has been able to act like one giant family for quite some time. But the fact that it started as a spinoff and has gone on to be one of the most popular shows on TV is simply amazing since there were likely a few people that didn’t really think this show had much of a chance. Even the spinoffs that came from this show weren’t always given much of a chance since they didn’t have the main characters.

But things worked out obviously, and while NCIS: New Orleans was canceled recently, there is an NCIS: Hawaii in the works, and NCIS: LA is still there. The idea of NCIS has grown into something that people have decided is a worthwhile show and more than that, it’s seen its fair share of guest stars and famous faces that have come and gone over the years. From the humble beginnings that didn’t promise everything but showed that it would be a decent show, NCIS has become a juggernaut since it’s lasted for far longer than a lot of people might have expected. From the first episode to the current day, this show has had its share of tragedies and behind the scenes drama, but so far nothing has managed to bring it down and things have continued to move forward as there are currently only a few remaining individuals that were there when the show started. But that could be changing eventually since it would appear that there are rumors that would state that Mark Harmon is thinking of moving on, which is something that feels as though it would cripple the program simply because Gibbs has been one of the biggest parts of the show. Losing Sasha Alexander, aka Kate, wasn’t easy but it was doable since her death pushed the story forward in a big way considering that it forced the team to experience and deal with the loss in their own ways. Cote de Pablo, aka Ziva, was tough to get used to, but when she was finally accepted it was just as hard of a loss. Losing Michael Weatherly, aka Tony, was tough simply because he was a core character that started the show as a part of the team, and because he brought a great deal of comedic relief to the show.

But losing Mark Harmon, Gibbs, would feel like a death knell to be certain since the guy is the team in a sense. He’s the guy that everyone looks to in order to know what’s going on and the guy that everyone knows is in charge no matter what the director might say. It’s easy to think that Harmon is tired and wants to spend his time doing something else since he’s been with this role for so long now, but the show might not survive his loss, and writing him off doesn’t feel like the best way for Gibbs to go out. After all that’s happened and everything that the team has been through, it does feel as though Gibbs should be given an ending that is fitting for his life or simply allowed to ride off into the sunset, so to speak, so that he can finally focus on having a life for once. Of course, imagining Gibbs actually kicking back and relaxing still brings up images of him crafting another boat or staying as active as possible since it’s likely that Gibbs wouldn’t be able to sit still.

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