Did a Hollywood Medium Warn Alan Thicke About Potential Heart Problems?

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Dr. Jason Seaver was a fan favorite in the 90s. He was the dad in the hit show Growing Pains, and we all adored him. He was serious enough to be taken seriously but funny enough to be the kind of dad that we all think is amazing. Alan Thicke is the actor behind Dr. Jason Seaver, and the entire world mourned his death when he died tragically and unexpectedly on December 12, 2016. He was only 69 at the time of his death, and the world felt very much as though he was taken too soon. How did Alan Thicke die, though, and what have we learned about his death?

Alan Thicke’s Personal Life Was Very Active

He was a 90s sitcom star, and women love a 90s sitcom star. This might be why he was married several times prior to his death. Specifically, Alan Thicke was married three times. His first wife was Gloria Loring. She’s a famed television actress who starred in the hit soap Days of Our Lives. Their marriage was his longest-lasting marriage and also the one that provided him with his first two children. They were married from 1970 until 1984, and they welcomed their sons. Their sons are Brennan and Robin, and it’s Robin Thicke we all know and recognize from his career as a singer.

Alan Thicke married his second wife many years after his first marriage ended. Her name is Gina Tolleson. She’s famous for being Miss World in 1990. They married in 1994, and they also have a son, Carter, together. The couple was married for only five years. They divorced in 1999, and that’s the same year he met his third wife. Her name is Tanya Callau. She’s a model, and they married in 2005. They never divorced.

Interestingly enough, Alan Thicke made some questionable dating decisions between marriages. He was once engaged to a woman significantly younger than he. While that’s not really a problem for many – age is nothing but a number, as you know – it was a problem this time. Why? Alan Thick was 40, and his girlfriend was 17. Not only was she less than half his age, but she was also a minor. Her name is Kristy Swanson. To his credit, they did not get engaged until she was 19 and he was 42. They were never married.

Credit: @alan_thicke

Alan Thicke’s Tragic Death

While hanging out with his youngest son, Carter, in California, the star collapsed on the ice playing hockey. He was still in his right frame of mind when medics arrived to care for him. He was joking around with his son, and all seemed to be quite well with the star. That’s why it was such a shock when he died later that day in the hospital. The cause of death was ruled a type-A aortic dissection. What is this? It’s typically an injury that occurs to the ‘innermost layer of the aorta’, which disrupts the flow of blood to the heart as well as ruptures the aorta.

Did a Hollywood Medium Star Warn Alan Thicke About His Health Before His Death?

We imagine this information is not the kind of news his family wants to see six years after losing someone they love so much. However, Hollywood Medium star Tyler Henry is speaking out about a conversation he had with Alan Thicke prior to his death in 2016. For fun, Alan Thicke invited the famous medium to his home for a reading. He was in good spirits about it, and he loved hearing Henry talk about a visit from Thicke’s own grandmother. However, Henry had more to share.

“I have to kind of go to the heart. So, just keep that in mind,” he said before going to share with Thicke that some people he did not know or recognize were there. They were warning him that Thicke should be aware that they were sending the message of ‘passing in a similar sense’ before continuing. “It’s almost like saying, ‘Keep in mind your own heart.’ Because there’s a man who was very stubborn and who passed away and he acknowledges dying as a result of his heart problem. His message is, ‘Don’t be stubborn like I was,’” said Henry to Thicke.

Credit: @alan_thicke

Diagnosis of This is Not Easy

While news of the conversation between Alan Thicke and Henry is upsetting to some, there is simply no way to know if this would have helped. Doctors acknowledge that finding this specific type of aortic issue is not always easy, and it’s sometimes difficult to diagnose. This means that there is always the chance that it would not have been caught in time, regardless. Additionally, we simply don’t know if Alan Thicke was in touch with his doctor or if the doctor cleared him. We don’t know. What we do know is that the world mourns for his family and misses his talent.

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