Alan Thicke’s Best Moments On Growing Pains


Growing Pains was one of the most popular sitcoms in the 80’s. It was a show about a family and the trials and tribulations that all families go through. The father, Jason Seaver, was played by the late, great, Alan Thicke. Sadly, he recently passed away. His death was a true loss to Hollywood as well as his fans. Jason Seaver was a psychiatrist who worked out of the home. Jason’s wife, Maggie, was played by Joanna Kerns. Maggie spent years at home with the kids, when she decides to get a job away from home as a news reporter.

The couple had three children. Mike, played by Kirk Cameron was somewhat of a smart mouth, con-artist. Carol, played by Tracy Gold was the smart, goody-two-shoes of the kids. Ben was the youngest, and he was played by Jeremy Miller. Later in the show, the Seavers’ fourth child was born, a daughter named Chrissy, played by Ashley Johnson. They also took in a foster child named Luke Bower, played by the A-List movie star, Leonardo Dicaprio.

Since the passing of Alan Thicke, it is only right that we do a tribute to him and to Jason Seaver. Below is a list of the top 10 Jason Seaver moments on Growing Pains.

Boner Leaves Town

Throughout his teen years, Mike Seaver had one best friend, Boner. Boner was pretty dumb, but he had a good heart. The boys had been through everything together. When they finished high school, Boner joined the Marines. This meant that he had to leave Mike behind. Mike didn’t take it very well He suffered from anger and abandonment issues before Boner left. Being a psychiatrist, Jason understood the feelings that Mike was feeling and he understood why he was acting out. Rather than getting angry and losing his temper, he was there for Mike. His love and understanding and a little advice helped Mike to come around and understand that Boner was doing what he needed to do. Thanks to Jason, Mike and Boner were able to make up before Boner shipped out. It was a very moving episode.

Julie Leaves Mike at the Alter

When Maggie and Jason found out about Mike’s plans to marry Chrissy’s nanny, Julie, they weren’t happy. They did everything that they could to try to talk the pair out of getting married. Their words hit home more with Julie than with Mike, and she left him at the alter. Mike was devastated. Even though Jason was against the marriage, he put his anger aside and he was there for his son. He let him know that his family would always be there and they would always support him. If it weren’t for Jason, Mike may never have fully recovered.

Jason Blames Luke For Stealing Liquor From the House

Jason and Maggie opened their home to a homeless boy named Luke. At first, they struggled to trust him. The longer he was there, the better things got, until the liquor in the house started to disappear. Instantly, Jason and Maggie believed that Luke was stealing the alcohol and drinking it himself. Rather than throwing him out and giving up on him, Jason sat down to talk to him. Eventually, Jason got Luke to admit that he did take the liquor, but not for the reasons that they thought. Luke’s father was an abusive drunk, so Luke was pouring the liquor down the drain to keep it from happening again. It was Jason’s patience and understanding that got Luke through the crisis.

Mike’s Cocaine Confession

This storyline was a bit surprising considering that Growing Pains was an 80’s sitcom. On this episode, Mike goes to a party where kids there are doing cocaine. Not knowing what to do with what he saw, he approached Jason. His opening line was, “Dad, can I talk to you as a friend and not a guy who could make my life miserable?” He tells Jason about what he saw at the party. Rather than getting angry, he talks to mike about making the right choices in life. He explained that the kids at the party made the wrong choices and Mike made the right one. It was a sweet, loving conversation. It was true Jason Seaver.

Maggie and Jason Drift Apart

During season 3, Maggie starts a new job and she is never home. It ends up putting distance between her and Jason and their marriage. Because Jason was who he was, he worked hard to find time with Maggie and to keep their spark alive. Viewers were able to see Jason and Maggie find their ways back to each other. Seeing it was heartwarming.

Carol Wants a Nose Job

When Carol goes to Jason and Maggie for money for a nose job, they refuse. They tell her that if she wants one, she has to pay for it herself. They tell her this assuming she will never be able to raise the money and by the time she does, she will have given up on the idea. When Carol wins the money in a radio contest, Jason and Maggie sit down with her and have a talk about self-image and loving yourself. Jason is very patient with her, and eventually, he is able to get through to her.

Jason’s 70’s Porn Mustache

When Mike is ready to graduate from high school, Jason and Maggie reminisce about his first day of school. They flashback to when Mike and Carol were young and Maggie was pregnant with Ben. Jason’s mustache was reason enough to love that episode.

Sibling Rivalry

There wasn’t an episode of Growing Pains when the kids weren’t at each other’s throats. Whether it was Mike and Ben fighting over the video games or Carol and Mike fighting over the phone. Whatever the fight was over, Jason was always able to intervene and get the kids to stop arguing, for the moment anyway.

Carol’s Boyfriend Sandy Dies

In an unforgettable episode of Growing Pains, Carol goes to a bar with her college boyfriend, Sandy, even though Jason and Maggie told her not to. When he doesn’t show up for their date, she finds out he is in the hospital. She races to see him and finds out that he is being charged with DUI. When Jason and Maggie find out, Jason wants to punish her. When Carol gets home from the hospital, Mike is there with bad news, Sandy died. Despite his worry and anger regarding Carol being at the bar, his fatherly instincts kick in and he gives her the love and support that she needs to get through it.

Mike is Accused of Cheating

When Mike does great on a test, his teacher, his family, and Mike himself are stunned. When the teacher sees the answers written on Mike’s shoes, she accuses him of cheating. Mike swears to his parents that he didn’t. When Mike starts spouting off facts from the test, Jason believes him and he is totally in his corner.

Alan Thicke was an amazing actor and Jason Seaver was an amazing father.

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