Developers Make Augmented Reality Girl From The Ring Crawling Out Of Television

Because it wasn’t terrifying enough in the movie, developers had to go and augment the girl from The Ring so that she could actually crawl out of a real TV. Now you can say all you want about the kids sitting there watching what amounts to a horrifying movie, but the effect that’s put into place by a projector set behind the TV is something rather unique that would most definitely get people’s attention. The terrifying vision of Samara would get anyone up and running, which is why it’s kind of hard to imagine doing such a thing to kids since they’re already scared enough as it is. But oh well, their parents have to deal with the possible nightmares and therapy bills later in life.

Getting away from that however is the idea that this is a very forward-thinking kind of effect that could have a practical use and could be used solely for entertainment purposes, it’s all a matter of how people decide to go forward with it. The holographic technology that we see in movies is what this tends to remind me of, and if it’s going this far then there’s no telling how much bigger and better it can get it the programming continues to move forward. Imagine 3D movies popping out of your screen without the benefit of special glasses or anything else. Just think of the cinematic experience that you and your family could have on movie night.

Obviously there’s some movies that it would be more of a fright than anything, such as The Ring. To watch Samara walking towards you in her dead, shuffling gait would be highly unsettling, but it would also provide a very innovative moment in human history. So far it seems that this might be the only application of such a device that’s been seen, but there’s no doubt a lot more in the works if the developers have gone this far with it. In fact it seems fair to say that one day the 3D experience could be what finally puts the final nail in the coffin of movie theaters. That sounds extreme, yes, but a lot of people know that day might be coming eventually. At one point it might come down to movies being streamed directly to those that pay for the privilege, and this type of technology could definitely enhance that kind of experience.

Until then it seems good for a gag and a possible freak out, though really once you know what’s going on there’s not much other effect that can be given unless another program is developed that would allow for other characters to just bound off the screen. Imagine a movie like the Black Panther being brought to life in this manner, or the upcoming Avengers movie, or even the Solo movie. Now that kind of 3D experience would be flat out awesome. Until that happens however this will have to stand as the best use of a 3D image to date, as many people might actually run from the room if they saw this and weren’t prepared.

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