Destiny 2 Delivers a Powerful Statement About Xenophobia in Season of the Splicer

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Season of the Splicer has seen the return of Mithrax, the leader of the Fallen House of Light. The return of Mithrax has also given us a clear look at how certain characters within the game are able to deal with allying themselves with one of the earliest and most important enemy races in the history of Destiny, and giving them access to the city and their supplies. This has proven to be quite easy for some and quite difficult for others, and Bungie has handled this situation (as of now) very well, and it allows players to see both sides of the situation from everyone’s point of view. So, how exactly does Bungie handle xenophobia in Season of the Splicer?

Future War Cult

Lakshmi-2 and the Future War Cult are some of the biggest proponents of the Fallen-phobic mindset that has plagued the city, specifically due to Lakshmi’s broadcasts claiming that the Fallen are not our friends and that even though the House of Light has never attacked humanity, they are still Fallen and therefore dangerous. She is an example of the overwhelming hatred and closed-mindedness that is harming everyone around them. She seems very two-faced to me, because in one of the non-cutscene cutscenes from this past reset, after it was revealed that there was a gang of “Guardians” that ransacked the Eliksni Quarters and destroyed their belongings, Lakshmi essentially told Mithrax that they got what they deserved and she said they were lucky that they didn’t get more. After that, when you go back to the H.E.L.M. to listen to a message, Lakshmi basically tries to save face with the Guardian and offer to replace all of the Eliksni belongings when they are ready to move on, because she doesn’t want them to see Future War Cult as bad people. This is – in my opinion – a complete and utter scam, and I do not think she’s telling the truth in the slightest. I think that Lakshmi is only pretending to make peace with the Fallen and when she gets her chance, she’ll pounce in an effort to wipe them out against the Vanguard’s orders. It’s already been shown that Lakshmi and the other faction leaders are not above staging a coup and overthrowing Zavala as the leader of the Vanguard, so what makes her so incapable of telling a “little white lie” to us? Think of Lakshmi and the Future War Cult as the people who stand against and oppose immigration, just because they’re afraid of sharing what surplus they have and are afraid of change.


Mithrax is a character that we haven’t seen since the Zero Hour mission a few years back, so it’s nice to see him as a returning character in Destiny 2, though not everyone feels the same. The House of Light is currently crashing in the final boss arena from the now vaulted Scourge of the Past raid, while the Vanguard and Mithrax work out a solution to stop the Vex simulation that is plunging the city into an endless night. From Mithrax and the rest of the Fallen’s point of view, they’re just trying to make their peace with the situation and avoid any conflict that they can, but certain faction leaders (*cough* Lakshmi-2 *cough*) are preventing that from happening as she continuously accuses them of things that haven’t happened yet (because she can see into the future with her weird Vex time portal or whatever, hence “Future War” Cult). Think of Mithrax and the rest of the House of Light as outsiders or migrants from an outside country.


The Vanguard, specifically Ikora and Zavala, have taken a supportive stance on the Fallen taking shelter in the city and have provided protection and care for them, because they are the ones in need right now. While the alliance between the Vanguard and the Fallen is most certainly an unexpected one, they’re trying to make the best of it and provide whatever they can to ensure that the Fallen get what they need to help the Vanguard. If everyone would just play nicely, it would be a win-win situation. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and although the Vanguard have tolerated Lakshmi’s anti-Fallen broadcasts, Ikora has stated that this cannot go on any longer and that it’s time for the Vanguard to put the Future War Cult in check. Think of the Vanguard as those who are willing and able to support those in need, those misplaced without a home, those in unfamiliar territory with nowhere to go.

Now, we can see all sides of the argument, but the question still remains…who is right? Well, I don’t think there is a right answer to that question, obviously Lakshmi makes it incredibly easy to vote against her, but she has a point. The Fallen have been enemies of humanity for as long as we’ve played the game, and we’re just supposed to sit there and make nice with them? After all they did? Well, let me ask you this: what did we do to them? We sent Saint-14 after the Fallen – innocent Fallen – and he was relentless. He murdered thousands upon thousands of innocent Eliksni that never wanted anything to do with this fight. How many years have we spent mindlessly killing Fallen just to test out a new Exotic? It’s time for that to change. Well, as long as they’re not shooting at us. Especially if they have Fallen babies!Destiny

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