Desperate Housewives 7.09 “Pleasant Little Kingdom” Review

First and foremost, is anyone else kind of let down by Paul Young’s ‘dastardly’ plan for revenge on the residents of Wisteria Lane? Well after last night’s Desperate Housewives, we were left feeling like a participant in a promising one-night stand gone wrong after the secret was dropped, leaving us with the lingering questions of “Why?”, and most importantly, “Who cares?”

Paul Wants To Do What?

So Paul wants to devalue the properties of his neighbors by turning the Lane into a neighborhood of halfway houses for ex-cons. Wow.

It seems so bland and uninteresting compared to the other dangers the Lane has faced, but at the same time the plan (or ruse?) can do some major damage to the tight knit community we’ve come to know and love. However, the story line now moves from how will they be able to stop Paul’s plan to how long will it take for them to stop Paul, which sucks some of the suspense element out of the overall story arc for us.

On the flip side, the entire fear of the property value of a house dropping plays into today’s trying times with middle class families suffering from the skyrocketing ‘epidemic’ of foreclosed homes across the nation. We can’t help but give Marc Cherry props on tapping into the psyche of a country in financial crisis, but we are still left wanting more and hope there is more to Paul’s revenge plan than what has been presented.

Past and Present, Tom Scavo is ‘The Man’

We learned a lot more about good ole Tom Scavo last night, mostly notably why he has a high sex stamina. The guy is walking on three legs basically, if you catch our drifts… While Lynette and Tom had a standard argument of the week (which is basically a set up of things to come) over that gifted fact, it was Tom’s past with Renee that got our eyes to pop out of our heads. Of course, we knew Renee and Tom had a past, but we didn’t exactly know when said past took place. Now we know, and if Lynette ever finds out then I think the meltdown from that revelation will trump anything Paul Young has up his sleeve.

The End of The Baby Swap Story Line?

Just when we thought Gaby was going to go down a completely twisted path in order to keep Grace in her care, our favorite heroine decided to not give us a heart attack after all and came through in the end by helping Carmen run from I.C.E. Sadly, this meant Grace had to run with her “mother” as well, leaving Gaby’s heart in shambles. Kudos to Eva Longoria for killing her goodbye scene with Grace and Carmen. Why hasn’t this woman won an Emmy yet?

Also, does this goodbye mean that the story line is over? We hope not. The dramatic material is still fresh and needs a proper squeezing and an even more proper wrap up.

Something Old, Something New – What Is A Girl To Do?

Bree’s love life is about to get complicated as Richard is clearly (yet subtly) trying to create a wedge between Keith and Bree’s relationship. Luckily, Bree hasn’t broken down yet, but there is still a lot of time for Bree to be caught in the love games between father and son, which hopefully means a return of Nancy Travis’s Dr. Mary Wagner in the future. We can only hope.

What else stood out to you guys last night Are you a bit let down about Paul’s overall plan?

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