DC Comics Reveals That The Joker Will Get His Own Series

After all that’s been said and done with the Joker one might wonder just what’s left to do with this character. But the truth is that people haven’t seen the whole story, no matter who wants to disagree by stating that they’ve read every origin story ever conceived of the clown prince of Gotham. There’s been so much content written on this character and he’s been represented in so many different ways that trying to come up with a new one is a challenge that will be taken on at some point in the near future as the Joker will be getting his own comic book series. Some might want to argue that this isn’t necessary since he’s been such a huge focal point over the years, but this series appears to be primed to explain this character in a way that hasn’t been covered yet, which is hard to imagine since many people can recall having seen the Joker in many different ways over the years, and all of them have been absolutely nuts. But thinking that there’s still more to go is both interesting and terrifying since one can only guess what depths of madness this character might still have to unveil since between the comics and the movies and the animated series, there’s no telling just what this comic series will give us, and what it will tell of the one character that’s been a continual thorn in Batman’s side for so long.

This isn’t the first time that Joker has been given his own series but it does sound more hopeful than anything that’s come before since, well, let’s just put it this way, people are doing their best to bring old ideas to the front of the class while convincing people that it’s ‘never been done before’. In a way, this thought is correct since it’s never been done by the storyteller that’s attempting to write the next story of this character from a different perspective. But when it comes down to the overall story of Joker, one has to admit that there is a lot of depravity to go around, more than any one person might be capable of telling in a single lifetime. However, the fact remains that Joker has really been covered in a lot of different ways, so trying to hype up the character once again while Batman is undergoing changes is kind of hard to see as something that’s worth looking at unless things are really going to be given a new and decidedly terrifying look. Tim Fox, a man of color, will be taking on the mantle of the dark knight eventually, so it’s kind of a wonder if anything about the Batman legend is going to change at this point since diversity appears to be the whole point of pop culture at times, within reason of course, since there are some roles that some folks might believe are better being left as they are, for various reasons.

What more can be said about the Joker is up for grabs since those that are anticipating something sick, twisted, and probably a bit maniacal are no doubt in for a treat since this character has rarely ever been completely balanced and is usually leaning towards tormenting Batman in some diabolical way. But what will come next and whether the character will last forever is becoming harder and harder to say since some folks would love to see this while some are likely waiting to see when the end will finally come for the clown prince. The whole idea of the Joker lasting forever is something that has been a bit disturbing since it’s been happening to heroes as well since one reboot and one remake after another keeps coming as the change that people want to is only applied in increments as the story of each character continues to roll on in a manner that’s nothing short of infuriating. It’s not exactly a popular opinion, but it does feel as though an end needs to be considered at some point. It won’t be, simply because there’s too much money in keeping these characters going for as long as they keep bringing in the cash, but surely someone else has to think that the idea is recycling itself by now, glossing over what’s been done before and making others believe that it’s new, intriguing, and worth the effort. Hopefully, this comic series will be able to bring something that will push the Joker to a new height that hasn’t been seen in a while since to be quite honest, the character is starting to get predictable. Yes, I said it, the Joker is getting predictable, after all this time.

It’s more unbelievable to think that there are people that don’t realize he’s been this way for a while.

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