5 Things You Don’t Know About Days of Our Lives’ Stephen Nichols

5 Things You Don’t Know About Days of Our Lives’ Stephen Nichols

5 Things You Don’t Know About Days of Our Lives’ Stephen Nichols

Days of Our Lives fans have not been happier about a return in a long time. That’s how much we all love Stephen Nichols and his amazing character, Patch. He’s been around long enough that most of us grew up watching him romance Kayla and change the world one small problem at a time. We’ve seen him die. We’ve seen him come back. We’ve seen him do things that would make you cringe just so that he can save the lives of the people he loves the most, specifically Kayla. And we have all seen him take a moment out of his life to help a friend or do what needs doing in Salem. But, what else do we know about him as a person? Here are 5 interesting facts about Stephen Nichols you might not already know.

He Was A Monk

Even though he studied theater growing up, he is a man who had a different job prior to working in this industry. It might seem a little crazy to some, but there was a time when he was not just a man who had a lot to do around here, but he was also a monk who lived a very different life than the one he does now. That’s not something we might see from him, but he did it, and he actually enjoyed it for many years before he decided to get back out there to pursue his passions and his earlier dreams.

He Does Primetime

Not only is our favorite daytime actor a daytime actor, he also spends a lot of his free time working on Primetime shows. He might not be a lead actor, but if there is any need for a guest spot on a primetime show, he is the one man who can be there for everyone when it happens. He is there to make sure that we are entertained all day long, and we love that.

His Onscreen Wife is His Close Friend

Mary Beth Evans is a wonderful actress, and she is also his on-screen wife. She is a woman who has tremendous talent and skill, and she is a woman who makes us all feel good. Of course she and Nichols would be good friends outside of work, too. He loves her as one of his very best friends. They have a long working relationship and history with one another, and it’s worked in their favor to spend so much of their time working together and being there for one another. They are great friends, and she was horrified when he was written off the show last year and potentially had no idea how to get back into this character and this role.

He Has Favorite Story Lines

Do you remember a few years ago when the awful Ava showed up and did some terrible things? She had his wife held hostage, and she was letting her starve to death or die of dehydration, whichever came first. She was there to see about her son and the father of her son, and she wanted it to be Patch from their long ago relationship. It was him, and her son is Tripp. But, the only way she would share the location of his wife with him was if he slept with her. She was already sleeping with his son as he had a connection to her, and this was one of the most awful things we watched. But, he did it so that he could save his wife. But, it was also one of his favorite story lines to act out. He had to work very hard to get his wife back, and that was something he enjoyed acting out.

He’s a Grandfather

What’s not to love about a man who has grandkids and loves them endlessly? He’s got more than a few grandchildren, but one of his favorite things to do is handmake toys for each of them when they turn one. It’s a special tradition in his household and his family, and it’s one that we think makes everyone smile. What better gift is there than the gift of time and talent from someone who loves you so much?

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