Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kristin and Brady Remember Their Baby

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kristin and Brady Remember Their Baby

Days of Our Lives fans are so excited about so many things, like the fact that Ben is alive and well. We do not think that he will always be okay after he was nearly killed, but his aliveness is good enough for us right now. He’s in a good place with the woman he loves, and we are all happy about that. Then there is Kate. She still has no clue that her life is in danger and that things in her life will not work out for her if Chad can really do this. If his father can really control him and what he does, this is not good for her. Well, he didn’t manage to kill Gabi, so perhaps Kate will end up being just fine in general, but she has no idea she needs to watch her back right now, which is not good news for anyone.

Gina loves being in control. She’s a nasty woman who will do anything she can to hurt those around her, which means she’s in the best place right now doing just that to everyone in her life. She is absolutely loving that she is able to tell Ciara and Shawn that their mother will never be back, that she will never be part of their life again, and that they will forever wish for her and not get her. It’s hard on them, but she’s that kind of woman. John got to Rolf, and he is demanding to know what happened to Marlena. Will Rolf tell him what he did and how to stop this and how to get her back? What will happen with this is a thing that we don’t know much about at all. There is a lot going on here that is really just not that well-known to anyone.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

We are loving this.

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

Will is not a happy young man. He went to prison for killing a woman he did not kill. His marriage was almost ruined. His life was ruined. He was taken from his daughter and his husband and his family, and he was wrongfully accused of being a man who took a life. He did no such thing, and here was Victor with the truth all along. Now that it has been released that it was Maggie who caused the accident and killed people, Will is free and he is back to living his life. But, so much of it was taken from him, and he cannot get that back. He cannot make things right in his life again. He cannot get that time back in his life, and he cannot be happy with that memory. He’s confronting Victor about it, but we can see that this is not going to do much in the grand scheme of things.

Kristin and Brady are together right now talking about the baby that they lost. They were going to love her and raise her right and be good parents to her, and they never even got a chance. She’s not with them, she will never be with them, and this is difficult. They miss her, and they never even got a chance to know her and to love her in person. Rafe and Sonny are going to confront Evan about all he did, all he hurt, and the plan that he had, but where will this all go? What will they do with this information, and how will it work?

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