Days of Our Lives Spoilers: It’s a Rough Week for Rex

Days of our Lives fans know the week just got started, but one what note? There’s a lot happening already, and we still have a few questions about it all. Susan is being used by Sami – that we know. Sami needs her to find out what is going on with the questions she has about EJ. EJ’s been dead – or so they’ve all thought – for many years. It’s been something she‘s been questioning now for a while, and she needs to know the truth. Can she really find him alive, or will she find that all she’s doing and all she is up to these days is nothing more than another chance to break her heart and crush her soul? She’s already suffered the loss of her husband once, but can she handle it again if he’s not really alive?

Susan, on the other hand, continues to have visions of him, and we are not sure they are accurate or correct. Will she really provide any thought or insight into what is going on, or is she simply making this all up for her own personal gain? She’s not someone we are sure we can trust at this point, which means we have questions. However, we’ve suspected that EJ might not really be done with for some time, so there is a good chance he might be back. However, there is also a good chance that Jack might be back, too, and that means that there are either two men coming back from the dead or some seriously broken hearts coming back into play yet again. If she’s in the middle of a situation like this one once again, it could crush her even more than it did the first time around. She’s strong, but is she this strong?

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

Do you see our hands up in the air? That’s because we love them, and we adore them, and we think they are just as fabulous as anyone else! They are a couple of our favorites, and anytime we get to see them in action is a good day.

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

We all know that things did not go well when the entire engagement party thing was going down. There was that one moment that Chloe had a lot to say, and it turns out that now there is no engagement. Rex and Sarah don’t seem to want to get married anymore at this point, and we can hardly blame them for this. There is too much going on that they have to deal with, and this seems like one of those things that doesn’t make much sense to us. There’s so much they could do for one another and with one another, but it also seems that they have to deal with their inner demons first. This is not something that we can handle without much of an effort, but we love to see it go down.

Rex is going to get it from Sarah. She’s furious — and who wouldn’t be, honestly — and she’s letting that all out. She’s telling him everything that’s on her mind and in her heart, and she’s not going to be very nice about any of it. She’s not going to appreciate him, show him any respect for his behavior, or make sure that anyone is able to wonder how she feels. She’s getting it all out, she’s not working well with anyone else at the moment, and she’s making sure the entire world knows she cannot believe that he would do this to them without any sort of penalty or situation that makes it all better. It’s awful, but we are loving every second of it.

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