Days of Our Lives: Marlena’s Life Hangs in the Balance as Familiar Faces Return

Days of Our Lives: Marlena’s Life Hangs in the Balance as Familiar Faces Return

Days of Our Lives kicked off the week with a jaw-dropping twist: Marlena’s death — or so it seemed. To be honest, we’re not entirely sure what transpired. What we do know is that her life will never be the same, and she’s experienced something beyond our wildest imagination. Marlena’s life took a dramatic turn when she was declared dead, and Sarah and Kayla desperately tried to revive her. During her time in limbo, Marlena encountered some familiar faces from the past, including Belle and Tony DiMera. And she had plenty to say to them. She also spent some time trying to figure out if it was Kristin who did this to her or if she was, in fact, dead. Things got intense, ugly, and frightening for a while.

John could do nothing but sit and watch, powerless to save his wife. He was helpless, and he’s not sure how to cope with that feeling. He doesn’t want her to die. She is the love of his life, and we understand that. She is the woman he loves more than any other, and seeing her in that state nearly killed him too. Marlena’s now caught in a battle for her soul. Does she give up and join the people she’s lost in a place that might be better for her, or does she fight to return to the world and be with the people who love her so much, and whom she loves in return? We don’t know what she can do at this point, but we know it’s a tough decision.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

If they don’t look strong, powerful, and ready to take down everyone in their way, who does?

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

As Marlena struggles to live, fighting death and her soul’s conflict about what she needs to do and where she needs to go, Diana sits by John’s side to support him. She did this to him and his wife, but she will sit there, and she will do all she can to make sure that he believes she is there for him as a friend and someone she knew a lifetime ago — and who he only just found out he shares a child with. Why has no one put this together yet? We are baffled by that, but we do understand that there might be more going on than she is revealing. However, we are going to watch her suffer alongside John. She could end up being a murderer if Marlena doesn’t make it, and she’s worried she’s left behind something that might tie her to this.

We can’t figure out what she might have left behind, but she could end up going to prison for this. Worse, in her mind, she might end up losing John forever. She knows he is not interested in her at the moment, but her hope is that his grief will convince him to turn to her in his time of need so that they can be together when he is at his lowest point in life. He will be lonely and devastated, and she is sure she can use that to her own advantage, and we cannot handle how that might unfold. But, for now, we have to deal with things as they progress.

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