Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ciara Shares Her Suspicions with Ben

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ciara Shares Her Suspicions with Ben

Days of Our Lives fans never know what to do about the fact that Hattie and Roman seem to be growing so close right now. They shared what can only be described as a very romantic moment, but we are all in the way of thinking that we’d like to see him and Kate work a few things out in terms of a relationship with one another. They seem to have something special with one another when they are not connected with anyone else, but Hattie is throwing some wrenches in the plan that we have for that one. We know that there is a lot we cannot handle right now, but there is also something so beautiful and so much fun about the way things are going in the way that they might find this awkward love for one another. It’s fine, and it will all work out before long.

Fake Steve made a startling revelation to Kayla, and she’s shocked. She did not see this coming, and we cannot say that we didn’t see her not seeing this, either. She’s a hot mess right now, and we are just shocked that the truth is not something she is aware of at this point. Marlena and John, on the other hand, are in the middle of having what can only be described as a very romantic time together, which we all know is something that they need more than anything else. Rafe and Justin are in the market for trying to figure out what they want to do about things, too. They have so much to offer those around them, but not until they find Kayla and make sure she is all right and that she is not being harmed. Things are not going well for her right now, and this is a big one.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

How long will this work for them?

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

Ciara is sharing a few things with Ben, mostly about what she really feels happened to Jordan. She’s been working so hard to figure out who might have killed her and what might have happened that took his sister from him and put him in prison for being the person responsible for it, and she is sharing that with everyone she knows. She’s got this in mind for herself, and we are all here for it. She’s figuring things out on her own, and we think that she’s been able to get this situation handled on her own accord. Right now, though, she’s sharing this with her boyfriend and trying to keep him hidden at the same time. If they catch him, he’s not ever getting out of prison again.

Kristin is going to have a bad dream about Rachel, but we think that it might be less of a bad dream and more of a telling situation. What happened in this situation might be more than we thought it was, and we think this might be the moment we finally learn a bit more about all that is going on. We hope that her dream shares some important details with us. Then there is Sarah. She’s going to receive some news that gives her a touch of hope, which makes us feel good, too. This hope might be what she needs to feel good about her life, but it might also be what she needs to feel that her baby is going to be all right. Will this happen?

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