Days of Our Lives: Kate’s Most Important Relationships

Days of Our Lives fans love Kate. We love her. There are no other words we can use to describe just how much we love her, either. She’s a mess who has some big problems in her life, and she makes us love her every single day. She’s got a lot on her plate all the time, but she’s always looking out for number one. Her number one priority is herself. She’s always loved herself more than she’s loved anyone. She’s always been a big fan of herself, and she’s always been in the mood to take out her life on everyone else when she’s feeling it’s not going her way. Part of us wonders if this is because she’s got so many things going on in her life that aren’t good. And we think that part of her problem is the men who she’s loved, and how those men affected her.


We think that falling for a man for whom she works is never a good idea, and it’s an even worse idea when there is another woman in question. She made a real enemy out of Vivian when she fell for Victor, and it doesn’t even matter that she is the woman who ultimately married him. She spent many years fighting this woman and making horrible choices and enduring a lot of pain just to marry him and find out that he is just not the man for her. There is little doubt in our minds that this shaped her tremendously.


When you are casually dating a man and find out that they have a set of twins you didn’t know you had together, you kind of go through some stuff. There was a lot here that did not make sense, including the time that Rex and Cassie showed up in town and everyone thought they were aliens. Everything that happened to these two while they were dating and when they found out about the kids that they didn’t know that they even had was a big mess for them. It also bound them to one another for life even when they were not always meant to be together. She had a lot to live for, and now they have a lot to live for. This helped to shape her, and it changed her in a way that we cannot even fathom as a couple.


The horrible things that he did to her are just no good. Of course this man is a major player in the game she calls her life. Stefano did so many horrible things to her and to her family, and yet she married him and they have a situation between them that cannot be denied. She didn’t make good choices at all when it came to him, and that was a big problem. She allowed herself to come into this without looking at what was really at stake and without knowing what he might do to her and her kids, her family, and everyone in between. She’s had a long life without him, with him, and trying to avoid him, and he is someone who made her hard and unloving in many ways. Perhaps he is one of the most formative people in her life as a result.


Some might call him the actual love of her life, and we might agree. He has had a major impact on her, and his death was a major situation for her. She misses him and thinks of him all the time, and that’s a situation that she cannot change. The fact that they were married when he was killed by Abigail is a problem for her, and it’s one that she will not allow to stop her from being horrible to her. She hates Abigail, and she’s always felt that way. She loves Chad like a son, and this is a situation she’s always put herself in the middle of any chance she can get when she has Abigail near her. She’s always pushed for Chad to spend his life with Gabi, though we can see that she might see the error in those ways now more than she ever did before.

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