Days of Our Lives in the News

Days of Our Lives in the News

Days of Our Lives fans sometimes just need to know what is going on when it comes to what’s up in Salem and around the set. There are rumors, there are new characters, there are changes, and there are things going down that you don’t always get to see, and this is one of those weeks where we have some big news. It’s the kind of news that doesn’t have anything to do with what is happening in the coming week, but it’s one of those big things that might just make you wonder what might happen in the coming months. Are you sitting down for this? It’s our recommendation that you do, because this is the big news you’ve been waiting for. Well, you haven’t, but you’ll be waiting for it now that you know it’s coming.

Wally Kurth is coming back to town. That’s right. You heard it from us right here, right now, which is not breaking news since everyone else knows about it, too. But, we hear that there is going to be a major storyline change in the coming weeks, which means we are bringing you the news of this information as quickly as possible. Here’s the deal; there is a full jump in time coming at us if the rumors are to be believed. This means that there will be some shocking information coming at us in the coming weeks, and sometime after Halloween, it will all go down in what can only be described as a historic situation. Guess why? Because we are jumping ahead a full year in the plot. We are losing a year of everyone’s lives. This means people will be gone. People will not be gone. New people will show up, and major things will have happened.

And one of those major things is Wally Kurth. He’s coming back to play Justin Kiriaskis, which can only mean one thing; he’s going to cause some serious problems on the show. If you’re not sure who he is being a new viewer and all of that, it’s a great time to learn a bit more about the show in all it’s former glory. He’s a man who came into the show in 1987 and he played this character since day one. He is a man who came on to play the role — by himself — rocking it over the years. He’s been a recurring cast member for many years, and that’s what he loves about this role.

What we understand of his role right now is that it’s going to be a substantial one. We do not know if this means he is back on a full time basis for good, or if he is going to be here to play an arc that’s a little longer-lasting than others. He’s got so much to offer, after all, and it typically means he’s getting his life in order the best way he knows how. He will come onto the show, he will be there for us to see a lot of him (his words) and he will not be calm about it.

On that note, we have to ask what will happen a year from now — since we will be seeing that in about a month, after all. We assume Kristin and Brady will be spending some time together with a new baby. Maybe Sarah will have given birth to a baby? Perhaps there will be a major change in Ben and Ciara’s love story. Lani might be a mother at this point, perhaps with Eli? Will Abby and Chad be back? And, on that note, will there be a bit more to the story that is about Gabi and Stefan and her awful mother-in-law? What about her relationship with her brother, Rafe, after lying to him all this time about Vivian? Will Kate be alive? Will Julie live? Will there be more babies, divorces, marriages, or anything else? What is happening around here that will change so much in a year? Will there be more to all of this than what is going on right now? We don’t know, but we know we are excited to see Wally Kurth return to his roots.

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